greeting people

So I’ve noticed a trend in Kuwait, espcially when guys say hi to girls.  If a girl is sitting at a table or walking with girls and meets one of her friends, and bumps into one of her guy friends there is a huge possibility that he would only greet her from the whole group.  I mean I think its kind of rude if someone interrupts my conversation with a friend to just ignore me and not regard my presence there!
So I asked one of my friends about this and he told me “Yeaaah its something normal, I mean I don’t know the other girls and I wouldnt want them to think that I am “khafeef” or that I am interest in that girl, So i’ll just say hi to the girl i know” (!!!???!!??) REALLY?
I mean in Islam they always say ina “ilsalam lallah” and stuff like that and its just plain RUDE! I don’t know what other people think about this …


The joy of doing NOTHING!

I came home from work yesterday completly tired, I even thought of leaving work early, but as usual I felt guilty. I arrived home  at around 5:30 or 5:45 and decieded that no matter who calls me I am NOT going out!!! I put on my fave sweats and plopped myself infront of the TV and started watching Nip/Tuck.
The past month and a half have been SO hectic, not only because my boss was demanding so much at work, but I also had to see my friends who had come back from the states on vacation.  So I work til 5 and then I’d have to rush to see my friends.  It doesnt sound tiering but it is really REALLY draining.
So yesterday i decieded to have a “me” day, where I just sat in front of the TV for 4 or 5 hours until i finish season 2 of nip/tuck, thats the only reason i moved from the couch.  Then ofcourse I watched the latest episode of prison break (OMG!!) seriously that show is worse than any addictive drug for me!
okay this entry is about absolutly nothing at all and I dont care 😉

7achara zayda

Day by day I am surprised by the stupidness that engulf SOME (not all) but SOME kuwaiti people.  The other day I was sitting with a girl I knew and she was discussing star academy, although I dont really watch it, I knew who she was talking about.  She was telling me that she was happy that the Bahraini girl got kicked out of star academy because she wasn’t representing her country in the right way.  I asked her why what did she do?? (I mean their whole life is broadcasted on TV so maybe they saw her smokin a reefer or something :P) anyways the girl goes on to tell me that the Bahraini girl wasn’t representing her country right because she was wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts, at first I thought she was kidding, when i realized she was serious my jaw hit the floor, i couldnt believe someone would say that, to judge a person based on what they were wearing seriously!  So i tell this girl that bahraini people mo im3aqideen mithilna e7na yal “perfect” kuwaities. And she continues to tell me that NO this girl is representing ba7rain and she cant go on international tv “itishabah bil lebnaniyeen”.  At that point I was REALLY pissed off at the girl because seriously it got annoying.  So I tell her that nothing is wrong with sleeveless shirts, hell I wear shorts (not SHORT shorts but cargo shorts) and 7afar in the summer and is there something wrong with that, and then SHE TELLS ME maybe ur different intay tarbeetich ib madaris kha9a (private schools) and that girl is not (how close minded huh?) So I tell her it has nothing to do with my bringing up, my mom brought me up the same way each and every mother brought up their daughters, but on one hand, I chose to not judge people based on what they wear because they have their own freedoms! and then i tell the girl that I never commented or judged on what she wore even though it was a sight to see (and not a nice one either) shes not really thin or even with a decent body, and her jeans are2-3 sizes too small and they are EXTREMLY tight + muffin top, and then she wears a short shirt thats really tight and it shows all her excess baggage.  So she’s trying to tell me that its okay for her to flaunt her extra cushion JUST BECAUSE all other girls in kuwait do that, and the ba7raini girl can’t wear 7afar on tv??? Shino ya3ni 7afar its just 2 cm less cloth then the “japanese” sleeves that all kuwaities wear, and for shorts, everone these days is wearing short skirts or tunic tops and leggings, (even im7ajibat) and leggings can’t be an excuse for pants, cuz their so tight and see thru that its basically darkening your skin tone! its like wearing tight shorts when u go swimming (like your making a difference of hiding your body!)  Anyways people .. grow up and get a hobby and stop judging people on worthless shit like that

The State of Kuwait

Everytime I go out in Kuwait I wonder how the country deteriorated so fast! The roads (not the road system) the actual road is so horrible, its not like we have earthquakes/snow storms or severe changed of weather to create these huge holes or cracks in the streets oo sij lazim iridoon igayroon il shwari3 mara thanya.  Some buildings look like they belong in the ghettos of california or new york, or in the 70’s, seriously where is the money going?? Driving through downtown kuwait is seriously depressing in comparision to downtowns or financial districts of other cities around the world! seriously what is happening to kuwait!

I work in farwaniya (thajeeej area) and seriously my friend described it so well, he told me that when he was driving to thajeej it was like was decending towards hell, and i completly agree with him.  il za7ma mo 6abee3iya and there is absoloutly no rules that anyone is following everyone wants to go their own way, and above all that, its a two way street and people park on both sides of the street making it a one lane street where everyone wants to pass the other!  The parking is hell also,  I thought that if I go to work early then I’d find a closer parking to my building instead of parking at the other end of the world, but that never happens, they always take three parking spots for their crappy cars, and/or they just stop in the middle of the lot and leave their cars! La sij ma9adig the way people drive in that area ( or the rest of kuwait either) wala 3ala goolat omi there should be a study at how many times you have near death situations when you drive in kuwait!

Bored at work ;)

Four Jobs I’ve had:
1- Job i have now
2- working at the campus bowling alley (that was interesting)
3- Minnesota Childrens Museum
4- Working at a family friends office in the U.S

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1- RENT.
2- Love Actually.
3- Harry Potter (all of them).
4- Home Alone 1(and maybe 2) :P.

Four places I’ve lived in:
1- Kuwait.
2- Minneapolis, MN USA :).
3- Cairo.
4- Dat’s it.
Four TV shows I love:
1- Prison Break.
2- Desperate Housewives.
3-  Grey’s Anatomy.
4- Sex & the City & FRIENDS

Four places I’ve vacationed:
1- Italy
2- Spain.
3- Puerto Rico.
4- France.
Four of my favorite dishes:
1- Machboos Diyay.
2- Shawarma or Kababji.
3- Warag 3anab from B’s house.
4- Mushroom cups, salad and Misyam from N & L’s house.
Four sites I visit daily:
1- Email’s.
2- Facebook.
4- Yahoo odd news :P.
Four places I would rather be right now:
1- My bed.
2- BEACH, puerto rico or miami.
3- anywhere BUT here
4- Minneapolis, MN apartment 384 with the same ppl hanging out 😦


So i went out to dinner last night, and when I came home I had the worst WORST toothache ever, serious it was killing me and for no reason at all!  Anyways I tried to sleep it off, but I couldnt it was like someone was trying to drill a hole in my tooth into my ear.  So I go find my mom (who is thankfully awake) and she takes me to the pharmacy.  I enter the pharmacy, in complete pain and I talk to the man behind the register who just stares at me blankly (there were two men and a women who seemed as if they worked there but they were too busy to see what their customer wanted) so after a minute the guy points at another man (who clearly was the pharmacist) and I start to tell him whats wrong with me.  He gives me this medicine called “Cataflam” and tells me to take it after I ate, so I go home and take one pill, and after maybe 17 (yes 17) minutues i was PASSED OUT COLD.  Seriously I did not hear my alarms ring AT ALL this morning until my mother came in at 9 to tell me that I was late for work (and i didnt even freak out) i was so out of it, it took me forever to get out of bed and do my whole morning routine! 

And now I’m sitting at work, my brain is finally functioning slowly, I think it needs an hour or so lol.


so i just typed up a whole blog entry and i pressed something adn the page went 😦 thats what a new blogger gets LOL .. well it was about grad school applications
so far i applied to 5 schools in london and 1 in the U.S (my alma mater) i still didnt send my transcripts/etc to the U of Minnesota yet .. although i REALLY wanna get accepted there but they dont have an MA program, in order for me to get my MA i must do the whole Ph.D program and I dont think im ready for that yet :S
the schools in london sound good the one i want to get into is either London School of Economics (which is a reach school for me) or SOAS .. but seriously minnesota would be my first choice ;p ….
yes i know i know MINNESOTA waaai3 shiwadeech ihnak mako shay oo bard … and cold it is … its FREEZING god my first winter there was something else .. but i LOVE IT anyways i should eat now cuz im hungry 😀

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