Bored at work ;)

Four Jobs I’ve had:
1- Job i have now
2- working at the campus bowling alley (that was interesting)
3- Minnesota Childrens Museum
4- Working at a family friends office in the U.S

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1- RENT.
2- Love Actually.
3- Harry Potter (all of them).
4- Home Alone 1(and maybe 2) :P.

Four places I’ve lived in:
1- Kuwait.
2- Minneapolis, MN USA :).
3- Cairo.
4- Dat’s it.
Four TV shows I love:
1- Prison Break.
2- Desperate Housewives.
3-  Grey’s Anatomy.
4- Sex & the City & FRIENDS

Four places I’ve vacationed:
1- Italy
2- Spain.
3- Puerto Rico.
4- France.
Four of my favorite dishes:
1- Machboos Diyay.
2- Shawarma or Kababji.
3- Warag 3anab from B’s house.
4- Mushroom cups, salad and Misyam from N & L’s house.
Four sites I visit daily:
1- Email’s.
2- Facebook.
4- Yahoo odd news :P.
Four places I would rather be right now:
1- My bed.
2- BEACH, puerto rico or miami.
3- anywhere BUT here
4- Minneapolis, MN apartment 384 with the same ppl hanging out 😦


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