The State of Kuwait

Everytime I go out in Kuwait I wonder how the country deteriorated so fast! The roads (not the road system) the actual road is so horrible, its not like we have earthquakes/snow storms or severe changed of weather to create these huge holes or cracks in the streets oo sij lazim iridoon igayroon il shwari3 mara thanya.  Some buildings look like they belong in the ghettos of california or new york, or in the 70’s, seriously where is the money going?? Driving through downtown kuwait is seriously depressing in comparision to downtowns or financial districts of other cities around the world! seriously what is happening to kuwait!

I work in farwaniya (thajeeej area) and seriously my friend described it so well, he told me that when he was driving to thajeej it was like was decending towards hell, and i completly agree with him.  il za7ma mo 6abee3iya and there is absoloutly no rules that anyone is following everyone wants to go their own way, and above all that, its a two way street and people park on both sides of the street making it a one lane street where everyone wants to pass the other!  The parking is hell also,  I thought that if I go to work early then I’d find a closer parking to my building instead of parking at the other end of the world, but that never happens, they always take three parking spots for their crappy cars, and/or they just stop in the middle of the lot and leave their cars! La sij ma9adig the way people drive in that area ( or the rest of kuwait either) wala 3ala goolat omi there should be a study at how many times you have near death situations when you drive in kuwait!


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