So i went out to dinner last night, and when I came home I had the worst WORST toothache ever, serious it was killing me and for no reason at all!  Anyways I tried to sleep it off, but I couldnt it was like someone was trying to drill a hole in my tooth into my ear.  So I go find my mom (who is thankfully awake) and she takes me to the pharmacy.  I enter the pharmacy, in complete pain and I talk to the man behind the register who just stares at me blankly (there were two men and a women who seemed as if they worked there but they were too busy to see what their customer wanted) so after a minute the guy points at another man (who clearly was the pharmacist) and I start to tell him whats wrong with me.  He gives me this medicine called “Cataflam” and tells me to take it after I ate, so I go home and take one pill, and after maybe 17 (yes 17) minutues i was PASSED OUT COLD.  Seriously I did not hear my alarms ring AT ALL this morning until my mother came in at 9 to tell me that I was late for work (and i didnt even freak out) i was so out of it, it took me forever to get out of bed and do my whole morning routine! 

And now I’m sitting at work, my brain is finally functioning slowly, I think it needs an hour or so lol.

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