7achara zayda

Day by day I am surprised by the stupidness that engulf SOME (not all) but SOME kuwaiti people.  The other day I was sitting with a girl I knew and she was discussing star academy, although I dont really watch it, I knew who she was talking about.  She was telling me that she was happy that the Bahraini girl got kicked out of star academy because she wasn’t representing her country in the right way.  I asked her why what did she do?? (I mean their whole life is broadcasted on TV so maybe they saw her smokin a reefer or something :P) anyways the girl goes on to tell me that the Bahraini girl wasn’t representing her country right because she was wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts, at first I thought she was kidding, when i realized she was serious my jaw hit the floor, i couldnt believe someone would say that, to judge a person based on what they were wearing seriously!  So i tell this girl that bahraini people mo im3aqideen mithilna e7na yal “perfect” kuwaities. And she continues to tell me that NO this girl is representing ba7rain and she cant go on international tv “itishabah bil lebnaniyeen”.  At that point I was REALLY pissed off at the girl because seriously it got annoying.  So I tell her that nothing is wrong with sleeveless shirts, hell I wear shorts (not SHORT shorts but cargo shorts) and 7afar in the summer and is there something wrong with that, and then SHE TELLS ME maybe ur different intay tarbeetich ib madaris kha9a (private schools) and that girl is not (how close minded huh?) So I tell her it has nothing to do with my bringing up, my mom brought me up the same way each and every mother brought up their daughters, but on one hand, I chose to not judge people based on what they wear because they have their own freedoms! and then i tell the girl that I never commented or judged on what she wore even though it was a sight to see (and not a nice one either) shes not really thin or even with a decent body, and her jeans are2-3 sizes too small and they are EXTREMLY tight + muffin top, and then she wears a short shirt thats really tight and it shows all her excess baggage.  So she’s trying to tell me that its okay for her to flaunt her extra cushion JUST BECAUSE all other girls in kuwait do that, and the ba7raini girl can’t wear 7afar on tv??? Shino ya3ni 7afar its just 2 cm less cloth then the “japanese” sleeves that all kuwaities wear, and for shorts, everone these days is wearing short skirts or tunic tops and leggings, (even im7ajibat) and leggings can’t be an excuse for pants, cuz their so tight and see thru that its basically darkening your skin tone! its like wearing tight shorts when u go swimming (like your making a difference of hiding your body!)  Anyways people .. grow up and get a hobby and stop judging people on worthless shit like that


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cixousianpanic
    Jan 30, 2007 @ 15:22:29

    I am so glad you told her that! good for you!
    god ppl are so hypocritical!


  2. Yoshi
    Feb 24, 2007 @ 07:22:48

    7achara zayda inty kalamich 3adil ppl shouldn’t judge others by what they wear or what kind of fashion they like …. but there is a stupid saying that i heared long time ago which i myself don’t like it but apearently i goes in kuwait and the arab world ( KOL MA TASHTAHI OO ILBIS MA YASHTAHI AL-NAS) thats why the call us the 3rd world no matter how rich the arabs get they’ll always be MITKHALFEN


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