Has ‘nationalism’ gotten too far?

So Saturday and Sunday were Kuwaits National and Liberation day, and well I don’t think I have ever felt that little nationalism in my life. It was so annoying not being able to do anything or go out because you’d be stuck in traffic, you’d get harrassed and sprayed with that stupid foam. I havn’t been to a maseera in about 8 or 9 years, maybe since 8th or 9th grade, and I dont think I will ever want to go. I was going to Sugar and Spice to get their cupcakes, and I was stopped at the redlight right before Shuwaikh, and il ashkal ili kanat yayah min il ishara to my left were just crazy seriously, ya3ni ashkal itlawi3 il chabd. After sugar and spice me and my friends decieded to go check out villa moda, the road leading to it was empty but the road leading back was FULL seriously it was bumper to bumper traffic and the majority were guys. Ya3ni its gotten to a point where they don’t care if its national day or liberation day ,,, its hook up day or ti7irish day. You think that seeing the craziness that happens every year the government would try to do something to maintain order and security, bas of course there are more pressing issues to deal with, such as segregation in schools or some stupid issue with sports that they didn’t even deal with.


The Art of Living

Since I came back to Kuwait my mother has been begging me to take this course called “Art of Living”, And I kept on putting it off everytime it was on. This time, It started during the holiday so I kind of couldnt get out of it. So on Sunday morning I was sitting in on of the conference halls at Palms getting ready to learn the “Art of Living”. At first I was not really into it, I didnt think meditation and yoga and breathing techniques is going to change anything, but after three hours of complete calmness I really believed it could. Seriously this art of living course is life changing. I have only done it for two days so far, it finishes on friday, but its great! If anyone has the chance to do it, you guys should go for it. Its amazing!


So I never really believed in star signs and all that, I kind of did but didn’t, you know those mixed feelings you get? No? Anyways I had bought Maggie Farah’s book as a present for my mother, and ofcourse since its all arabic i couldnt be bothered to read much of it, so after my mom read her star sign and mine, I asked her to summarize my year, and she told me that its a horrible year for virgos, well at least for the first 9 months I think. After she told me that I got angry and stopped believing in astrology :p *Childish i know lol*
I don’t really believe that it could be predicted what would happen to us through out the year, because seriously I dont think what happens to me could happen to my friend also, who is also a virgo, but I do believe that we might share similiar traits.
I was talking to my virgo friend yesterday and I was telling him how annoyed I get at my maid when she puts my clothes in my closet because I have a very VERY specific way of organizing it, all the hangers have to be facing in so they could be easily taken out, all the sweaters have to be facing the same way, dresses alone, etc etc. All my shirts have to be color coded, whites alone, blacks alone and the colored ones are put together (reds alone, then pinks then oranges etc) so i can see them and seperatly. A lot of people think I am crazy when I tell them that, but it acctually takes less time for me to find something, and makes life so much easier. Anyways back to my virgo friend, I really expected him to tell me that I am crazy or ana insana fathya, but instead he tells me, Oh I do that too, and he goes on to tell me about how he organizes his closet, I think i have found my soul mate *joking*
But yeah, whenever i read characteristics of virgo’s i find that i can agree with a lot of them,
found this on http://www.novareinna.com/constellation/virgo.html

Positive Traits: modest (VERY in my opnion), shy (TOTTALY SHY until i get to know you, but im still a little shy after too until i REALLY REALLY REALLY get to know u), meticulous, tidy (not really but in my own way), reliable, practical, diligent, analytical and intelligent

Negative Traits: fussy, hypercritical, harsh, conservative, overly-fastidious, overly-conventional, finicky, a perfectionist and a worrier (i am such a worrier its so annoying)

Likes: lists (oh do I love making lists for everything), hygiene, order, detail, precision, wholesomeness, health foods and perfection (even in minutiae)

Dislikes: squalor, uncertainty, health hazards, sloppy workers and anything deemed to be sordid

Anyways i really do agree with a lot of those in regards to my self, but people that know me .. what do you think? Agree disagree??

Weirdos ,,, could be dangerous

So, I had a really scary dream a week or two ago that kind of put everything into perspective for me. In my dream, i was walking to my car after work and a man followed me to my car, and usually they give up as I near my car, but this time the guy was behind me until I opened my car door and at the moment he pushed me in. When I saw his face in my dream I realized that it is the same guy that has been following me for months now. I know that in reality I am really scared of walking to my car alone after work if i park it far away. Everytime I park far away there is always a group of scary looking men parked in their wanaits just standing around, and one of them is the one that follows me to my car every single time he see’s me. When they see me coming I can hear them saying “oo ra3yat il 6awariq bla bla bla” One time the guy walked so close behind me i thought he was going to grab me! So I learned to take my precautions .. I usually leave at around 2 or 3 lama il za7ma itkhof bara and move my car to the front of our building instead of parking it at the last parking in the lot 😛 or if i was really bogged down and I didnt have time to move my car I let one of the guys at work walk me to my car, saftey in numbers ;p
I realized that Kuwait is not the same any more, maybe we’re older and we understand more now, but it has changed. Men and guys have gotten … whats the word i want to use here .. BOLDER and braver! Things that used to stop them before don’t anymore, they say what is on their mind, whether it is something nice, rude, mean, they do not care! They will do anything to get to the girl they have their eyes on.
One time I was having lunch with my mother, her friend and one of my friends in Bed3 then we went to chocolate bar, and this guy kan imjabelni imlawi3 chabdi! Mayshoof I am with my mom? Mako i7tiram, anyways we finished our desserts and my mom left with her friend and my friend and I walked to my car which was parked in Shiik. We made small talk as we walked across the parking lot to my car oblivious to everything around us. When I got to my car I unlocked the doors, and as I was opening the driver door a guy came up behind me and all he said was “law sama7tay i9eer digeega” but seriously he scared the HECK out of me, I mean all through the parking lot we did not hear a word from him or even his foot steps … I know ina thats one of the only ways that guys could get to know girls bas ya3ni I didn’t show him any interest, I didn’t even purposly look his way i avoided looking at him at all costs! Fa ya3ni shako yil7agni .. and HE SCARED me lol seriously imagine its SO quiet then someone comes up from behind you … its scary and shady!

Lime Green Polo’s

So in one of my previous posts I wrote something about lime green polo shirts … and mirim in her comment gave a link to one of the blogs that wrote about it .. and here is another link from another blog http://www.248am.com/mark/interesting/greenlighters/

Why can’t I always get my way?!

So I went to pick up my mom from the airport yesterday, she went to sudan for a total of 12 hours .. Anyways on the way back home she was telling me that she wanted me to do this course called “The Art of Living”, Although it’s something I might enjoy doing, I don’t have time! its gonna be through the holiday, and its going to be in SAS hotel, ya3ni getting there and getting back home is going to be HELL on 25 and 26 cuz the course is from 7-10, not only that, I BARELY have any holidays from work, and frankly I would rather spend it doing something I want to do. The course is going to be for a couple of days after the holiday also, which basically would mean I wouldn’t really have time to do anything, basically go home, change and rush to the course and I really REALLY hate to be rushed and not have enough time for my self. So we argued about the whole course thing.
Then she tells me “lets do the MBA online together” and I tell her that I can’t take any classes without being acctually taught everything from somebody. I am the type of person that retains all the information from a lecturer and barely depends on the books, just my notes. I am also a procrastinator so taking the online MBA is going to be a complete waste of time. So I tell her that I cant do it! I really can’t I know my self when it comes to studying and she tells me .. NEVER SAY U CANT DO SOMETHING .. So i’m like okay its not that i CANT but i just learn better and keep the information in me when its TAUGHT to me, you can’t expect me to take accounting on my own now could you!? and then she tells me “Well think about it, don’t just say I dont want to and close the door on this idea” which REALLY got to me because she “Closed the door” on my masters dreams!!!! So right now I am really annoyed I want to get into the other schools and I have not heard from any other ones in a long time 😦 YALLAAAAAAAAA pleaaase pray for me that I get in (and actually goooo!!)

P.S. I love my mother I really do love her, but sometimes we are NOT on the same wavelength … we both are so alike but so different at the same time .. and our “star signs” clash :p

Early bird gets the worm (or something like that)

So i decieded to go to work earlier than usual today so I could find parking. I arrived at “hell” area it was SOOO crowded and I started regreting not sleeping a little more, but luckily i found a parking right infront of work! But I am alone at work right now, none of the guys in my department are here yet and i forgot my ipod headphones at home (boohoo)

Anyways, I was at my friends house yesterday and I was wearing a lime green polo shirt, when I walked in she asked me if I knew what a lime green polo shirt means?? (summers around the corner??) No thats not really what the meaning was .. Supposedly she read in a blog that a person who wears a lime green polo shirt in kuwait, is kind of wearing a sign “I NEED TO GET SOME(ONE)”, and when you see an interesting party you pop your collar at them… so help me out if u can find the blog … you to pagal!

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