Well its not the weekend anymore, but seriously, weekend or not its like any other day for me, nothing to look forward too.  I think the highlight of my weekend was getting the sleep scared out of me by my mother on thursday night.  So I fell asleep with the window in my room open (and i slept really early on thursday too), my mom came in at around 1:00 AM and turned the lights on (which really pissed me off) and she asks me if im sleeping (of course i just grunted which meant YES!! CLOSE THE LIGHTS NOW) …….
Mama: tara ako ga6wa ib darich ..
Me: Shino? ay ga6wa mama banam!
Mama: the stray cat ta7t ifrashich mo gadra ti6la3 min il direesha
I jump out of bed and my heart is beating so fast i thought i was gonna die, im freaking out and my mom is trying to get the cat out my room and im just jumping up and down (I dont know why) finally the cat leaves, and i try to go back to sleep but i keep on hearing her scratch the window to try to get in and I was just freaking out alone in my room. 
Sadly that was the highlight of my weekend.
On the other hand, I called my old room mate from the States and she made me jealous that they were going to get ready to go out clubbing, and telling me about all the new movies they were going to watch at the movies. 
(If anyone knows me well enough, I LOVE going to the movies with a HUGE sweater and sweats, extra large popcorn and drink and just watch movies) If my friends in the states kanaw ya36ooni wayh chan 3adi I would watch three movies after each other at the movies, but It takes a lot of concentration for me to watch a movie at home.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. F.T
    Feb 04, 2007 @ 08:20:18

    i did not take part of ur weekend activites this week!


  2. Mirim Flamingo
    Feb 10, 2007 @ 15:30:37

    hhahahahahahahaha psycho cat @ ur window trying to get back in WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA thats priceless


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