Coping with loss

I just got of the phone with my brother who studies in the U.S, and I have never heard him this hysterical.  He was in a car accident with his friend yesterday where a drunk driver hit them.  Although nothing happened to my brother (thank god), his friend suffered from internal bleeding and passed away.  I didn’t know what to tell my brother when he was talking to me, all I could do was listen.  I never had someone that I care deeply for pass away (il7imdilla) so I don’t fully understand what my bro is going through.  I hate thinking about death becasue it is so final, but thats the way life goes.

I think being far away from his family and other friends is making this even harder on my brother.  There is no way I could tell my mother, she’ll just go crazy, and he still did not tell her. 

I know its going to be a very tough time for my brother and I really want to be with him and help him out, but I don’t know how! Any help .. anyone?!?!

-My prayers go out to Mike R.I.P-


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    Aug 02, 2007 @ 13:07:00

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