Caribou .. or Careeeboooooo

Aaaah the joys of coffee places in Kuwait … I haven’t been to that area since summer and the only reason I went was because people I wanted to meet up with really wanted to go there, so I was kind of forced.  The first time I went I felt like a sheep seriously, the amount of people there was incredible it was like we were a huge heard of sheep!!!!
iLza7ma for caribou was incredible!!! Even though I am a very proud minnesotan (and caribou is from minnesota) I must admit their coffee isn’t good AT ALL, their iced vanilla lattee is HOT and it tastes like crap.  So I didn’t really understand the huge buzz about that area. 
People were so dressed up to go to johnny rockets! LOL I felt like an underdressed hobo between all the make up and hair do’s! I couldnt even wear heels in that place because #1 its TOO hot to wear heels in the summer (i really can’t walk in heels) and summer heat makes it even harder, and the ground there is kind of cobblestonish so its really hard to walk with heels on there (at least for me)
The way the girls were dressed up was more than I would ever wear if i was going to a club! La wili yithba7ni il puff ili kil yoom yikbar !! I maybe a little outdates into the whole fashion of kuwait bas i don’t care


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  1. Mirim Flamingo
    Feb 10, 2007 @ 15:32:56



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