Grad schools … still waiting

So I finally got a reply from two of the universities I applied to for grad school.  Acctually I had completly forgotten I applied to one of them, or its more like I didn’t expect a reply.  I received an email from American University in Beirut (AUB) two or three days ago telling me that I had been accepted for the Masters Program in Economics which will start on the 12th of Feb.  Thanks for giving me a heads up guys.  Although I REALLY wanted to go to AUB before, I kind of changed my mind now with all the stuff thats going on now, I love lebanon and all, but I don’t want to keep on putting my studies on hold for bombings and war.  Also my mother would never let me go to lebanon now, which kind of sucks.
The second school I heard from was the Business School of City Univerity  in London (UK).  I got accepted into the Msc in Real Estate Finance, which seems like an interesting enough major just to change up what I had studied as an undergrad. 
I would do anything to go continue my masters, but I feel SOOOOOO guilty if I left my mother alone again.  I never realized how bad it is until my brother left back to the U.S. and I would come home and not find him there, and the house felt so much emptier, and now my mom is traveling and im home alone and its SO lonely!!! So the guilt of leaving my mother again is killing me, so i’m SOO torn up.  I told her I got accepted and she said we should wait and see what happens, so inshalla everything turns out for the best.  I’m still waiting to hear back from 5 more schools, so inshala i get into at least 2 more so i can have a choice. 🙂  And its finally wednesday!


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