Being vertically challanged

Okay I know my previous post was all about being happy and everything but i only have ONE issue that is still nagging at me, and i dont think it will every go away.  Although I am satisfied with my looks and everything, sometimes i get annoyed at how short I am, i do make a joke out of it, that im not really short, its just the gravitational pull on me is too strong ;p, but sometimes it gets annoying when everyone around me is tall.  When i lived in the states, everyone around me was H U G E, seriously those minnesotans are of a different species.  I forget about being short but then someone would throw out a really mean or rude comment and it does sometimes hurt (and to my friends NO this is not a hint to you guys).  I hate it when a person i just met or I dont really know starts to comment about my height like they’ve known me forever.  Just like when a person is over weight I wouldn’t comment about it, so why make fun of my height 😛 Don’t say anything unless its something good :p, unless ofcourse i know its all in good fun 😉

and YES its true the best things DO come in small packages, just take one good look at me ;p hehehe


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