Feng Shui and other “energies”

After a 2 years (i think), my mom finally bought land for us to build a house on, and we just finished the blue print process when she decieded she wanted to make it a “feng shui” house.  I was never really a believer in those things, the whole “flow of enegry” and “your inner power” and the whole working to strengthen your sixth sense, I always  thought that “ili allah katba bi9eer”, which is true but at the same time we are the masters of our own destiny.   If you keep on telling your self that your life is miserable and everything around you is bad, then thats the way everything will happen.  But if your optmistic then you’ll always see the good in life and in people, which is always more beneficial for your health in my opinion..
I try so hard to be optimistic, but sometimes i get so annoyed or angry that I cant help but be a little negative, then I close my eyes take a couple of deep breaths at3awath min blees and smile.  That has helped me out a lot, thanks to my mother, I think i’ve become a happier person, and I feel less burdened by useless junk.  I also have removed any negative people from my life which makes life SO MUCH BETTER! seriously you either try to change the negative people or just don’t hang out with them, because they will just bring you down.
Life is short, and you might as well enjoy every minute of it as happy as you can be!


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  1. Mirim Flamingo
    Feb 10, 2007 @ 15:36:22

    life isnt short, u R!


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