The importance of friends

Sometimes life is so hectic, full of different obligations that you just rush through it with out noticing the smaller things that make a difference (im not saying friends are small things).  I really REALLY love my friends, and I thank God everyday that I have the friends I do, cuz seriously sometimes I wonder how different a person I would be if I had a different group of friends. 
Although I have different types of friends, and people that I am closer to than others, I really love them all.  They’re the ones that are always there for me when i need them, to give me a shoulder to cry on when I’m down, and to b***h slap me when i’ve done something stupid.  They’re the ones that make me laugh so hard that I can’t eat anymore. 
THis doesn’t mean I dont love my family, I really do, adn they mean the world to me.  But friends are different, and since i have no sisters, they’re my sisters from another misters 😛

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  1. Mirim Flamingo
    Feb 10, 2007 @ 15:38:13

    why do i not see my name mentioned in this entry…


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