Maids – an asset or a hassle?

Having a maid could be both an asset and a hassle, but to me its usually a HUGE hassle!! I am NOT patient at all, and I have very low tolerance for idiocy.  I feel really guilty when I get angry at our maid but sometimes she really really really annoys the hell out of me.  Ever since I came back from the states, which has been almost 6 months now I’ve been telling her to NEVER EVER put anything in my closet, just leave it on my bed and i’ll put it in the closet.  Yet SHE NEVER DOES! At least three times a week I have to take everything out of my closet and put them back in the way I like.  I have a specific way of organizing my closet, t-shirts color coded, long sleeves alone, button down shirts alone, a specfic place for my dresses, then skirts, and a special small closet for my big sweaters etc.  On the other hand she throws everything everywhere, i’ll find my pj’s with my skirts with everything and I get really frustrated because I could never find anything! And when I ask her she has no clue what I am talking about.  So many times she put my things in my brothers closet or my mothers things in my closet! UUUUGHHHH this really REALLY annoys me! 
But then again I come home to good food thank god, if she was a bad cook I would have really been pissed off even more


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  1. Mirim Flamingo
    Feb 11, 2007 @ 11:14:07

    filibeeniya? itha chithi ana atfaham weyaaha 😛


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