2007 Grammy’s

I missed watching the Grammy’s last night cuz I fell asleep 😦 But I’m reading online who had won awards … Best Rap Performance by Duo or Group – Ridin,” Chamillionaire Featuring Krayzie Bone … I used have an obsession with that song … It reminds me of summer in the U.S.  When my mom came to my graduation, I was driving her back to her hotel in downtown minneapolis, and we saw those huge artist buses and as we entered the hotel valet place i saw that it was chamillionaire’s bus (I was freaking out at that point cuz we were listening to him in the car against my moms complaints lol).  So after going up to her room and putting all the shopping bags away we decieded to go to Block E (E which stands for Entertainment) which is connected to my mothers hotel.  As the elevator door opens who is standing right infront of us with his whole posse?  No other than CHAMILLIONARE!! Ofcourse its just my luck that I didn’t take a picture with him, but oh well at least I saw him, he was having a concert at Escape ultra lounge, a club connected in Block E later that night, but I didn’t go cuz i knew it would be filled with ghetto-fab ppl. 
I’m Happy that Beyonce won for her album B’day, I LOVE HER, and her song irreplacable is just amazing .. such a feel good song 😉
Although I am so disappointed that James Blunt did not win anything, his album was really good, and I think hes very talented, but maybe its just not his year.  The Dixie Chicks won a lot this year, I wonder if their album was good, must download.  I wanted rascal flatts to win, I really like them, their not THAT country, but their music has that relaxing country twang to it … YES i admit I LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC.  What can I say, I lived three years in MPLS, made a bunch of american friends and started to listen to country music lol.


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