Star Sightings

The joys of traveling to LA is seeing stars at random places.  Spring Break 2005, standing outside of Pacific Theatre in The Grove, me and my friend were discussing what movie we wanted to see, and there was this really annoying couple standing next to us.  My friend was looking at me then at the couple and I kept on wondering what the hell is going on. So she’s like “Haw hathy mo 7abeebtich” ofcourse im totally confused I look over and i don’t really recoginze the person .. “Huh? Shfeech what are u talking about” … “It’s that girl from the O.C the one your obsessed with” “OKH EE WALA ITS MISCHA BARTON GO GO GO TALK TO HER PLEASE GO GO” .. lol so she ended up not going talking to her for me, and I ran after her and caught her before she entered the theater and told her that I love her on the O.C and she rocks LOL.
The next person I saw was Frankie Muniz (malcom from malcom in the middle) sitting infront of us at the movies in the same place (the grove) .. hes really short too 😉 LOL
We saw that guy from scrubs and clueless ALSO in the grove, seriously that place rocks .. they have the coolest abercrombie and fitch there ehehe.
I miss Los Angeles!!!!

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