Two years

Its been two years since the assassination of Rafik ilHariri, and the fighting and murders are still going on. It really annoys me that these people do not learn from their mistakes. Don’t they see that killing people will not get them anywhere?! Has it got them anywhere yet? Lebanon thrives on its tourism, and the less tourists that are going to go the less money the country will have, thats going to lead the country into a devestation! It might be an internal doing, or all of this could be from Syria, but if it doen’t stop I don’t want to know what is going to happen to lebanon.
It is so sad to see that the majority of the people are going to suffer for the minorities greed and idiocy! Innocent people die because some ruthless cowards think that bombs and bloodshed is going to get them the power they want.

From “Our fate is through agreement and the mechanism is to return to the logic of the state and institutions,” said Amin, without naming Hezbollah and Amal. Referring to the failure to ratify the tribunal, he said “it was strange” to oppose justice.

Why are they opposing justice?! Did they have a hand in all of that, and they are scared that the tribunal is going to show it?! Then why do it in the first place!! And Nasrallah the biggest idiot of them all, in my opinion, I think a person who takes the podium,and starts to yell and scream and get the crowed all riled up is full of bullshit. He’s using Hitlers method of propaganda to get the people to believe in him, but if he really had some strong beliefs then he wouldn’t need that much yelling and screaming to rile people up and get them to follow him, he would acctually IMPLEMENT his ideas to make it “a better place for everyone!”


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