Early bird gets the worm (or something like that)

So i decieded to go to work earlier than usual today so I could find parking. I arrived at “hell” area it was SOOO crowded and I started regreting not sleeping a little more, but luckily i found a parking right infront of work! But I am alone at work right now, none of the guys in my department are here yet and i forgot my ipod headphones at home (boohoo)

Anyways, I was at my friends house yesterday and I was wearing a lime green polo shirt, when I walked in she asked me if I knew what a lime green polo shirt means?? (summers around the corner??) No thats not really what the meaning was .. Supposedly she read in a blog that a person who wears a lime green polo shirt in kuwait, is kind of wearing a sign “I NEED TO GET SOME(ONE)”, and when you see an interesting party you pop your collar at them… so help me out if u can find the blog … you to pagal!


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  1. Mirim Flamingo
    Feb 17, 2007 @ 20:58:13


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