Weirdos ,,, could be dangerous

So, I had a really scary dream a week or two ago that kind of put everything into perspective for me. In my dream, i was walking to my car after work and a man followed me to my car, and usually they give up as I near my car, but this time the guy was behind me until I opened my car door and at the moment he pushed me in. When I saw his face in my dream I realized that it is the same guy that has been following me for months now. I know that in reality I am really scared of walking to my car alone after work if i park it far away. Everytime I park far away there is always a group of scary looking men parked in their wanaits just standing around, and one of them is the one that follows me to my car every single time he see’s me. When they see me coming I can hear them saying “oo ra3yat il 6awariq bla bla bla” One time the guy walked so close behind me i thought he was going to grab me! So I learned to take my precautions .. I usually leave at around 2 or 3 lama il za7ma itkhof bara and move my car to the front of our building instead of parking it at the last parking in the lot 😛 or if i was really bogged down and I didnt have time to move my car I let one of the guys at work walk me to my car, saftey in numbers ;p
I realized that Kuwait is not the same any more, maybe we’re older and we understand more now, but it has changed. Men and guys have gotten … whats the word i want to use here .. BOLDER and braver! Things that used to stop them before don’t anymore, they say what is on their mind, whether it is something nice, rude, mean, they do not care! They will do anything to get to the girl they have their eyes on.
One time I was having lunch with my mother, her friend and one of my friends in Bed3 then we went to chocolate bar, and this guy kan imjabelni imlawi3 chabdi! Mayshoof I am with my mom? Mako i7tiram, anyways we finished our desserts and my mom left with her friend and my friend and I walked to my car which was parked in Shiik. We made small talk as we walked across the parking lot to my car oblivious to everything around us. When I got to my car I unlocked the doors, and as I was opening the driver door a guy came up behind me and all he said was “law sama7tay i9eer digeega” but seriously he scared the HECK out of me, I mean all through the parking lot we did not hear a word from him or even his foot steps … I know ina thats one of the only ways that guys could get to know girls bas ya3ni I didn’t show him any interest, I didn’t even purposly look his way i avoided looking at him at all costs! Fa ya3ni shako yil7agni .. and HE SCARED me lol seriously imagine its SO quiet then someone comes up from behind you … its scary and shady!


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  1. Yoshi
    Feb 24, 2007 @ 07:38:32

    My dear lat3awreeen rasich weya il halaga bil kuwait LEARN Jui-Jutsu and who ever does that to u again SNAP HIS HEAD OFF


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