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Its been a while since I’ve last blogged, hadn’t had anything interesting to say .. ūüėČ

Anyways, the other day me and one of my friends were having dinner at Wasabi in Bed3, and we were both talking about how much we missed california, and how she needed a US dosage etc etc.¬† After a while we hear really really loud music (we were sitting outside) and then we see the source of the loud music.¬†¬† It was an old T-Bird, a blue one, with two guys who think they’re ghetto (key word THINK), with their pimped out hyrdauliced car.¬† They really thought they were ghetto, they had the whole Du Rag (or watever its called) thing on.¬† I couldn’t help but laugh at the sillyness of those guys.¬† I mean WHY on earth would you want to be ghettto? Its not anything to aspire to be, poor and living in the projects and uneducated? But anyways it was a good laugh, I wonder what will happen to them if they got thrown in south central LA? Or Harlem, or in any poor southern state, or even in North Murderapolis (Minneapolis ;p)


Mothers Day

Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there and to my wonderful mama too. This is the first mothers day in four years that I’m back in kuwait, and my mother is out of town, which isn’t cool at all. But we did celebrate it kind of before she left. I gave her the present I got for her, I was really scared she wouldn’t like it, but she loved it.
Sometimes I feel that we never really inqadir what our mothers do for us, but yesterday I was thinking of how much my mother puts up with me and my brother, sij la galaw ina il janah ta7t aqdam il omahat. Anyways just wanted to say that i love my mama and everything she does ;****

Show me the money!!

From Arabtimes :

Kuwait income soars to record $50 billion; $17 billion surplus forecast

KUWAIT CITY (AFP): Oil-rich Kuwait posted record income of KD 14.38 billion ($49.75 billion) in the first 11 months of the fiscal year ending this month, the finance ministry said on Monday. According to figures posted on the ministry website, revenues are up 16.7 percent on the $42.6 billion posted in the same period of the previous year and already exceed the $47 billion posted for the whole of 2005-6. Receipts also already exceed by a massive 68.6 percent the government’s whole year projection of $29.5 billion.

Okay so that is the first paragraph of the article that is in the Arabtimes today. The income of Kuwait is so big, but I do not know where the money is going. 3ala kil hal ni3ma that we have ma ibayin 3ala our country!!!!!! The streets are so horrible, many of the buildings, esp in downtown kuwait “the financial district” are SO ugly!, the schools and education system are not good at all, and the public hospitals are crap, and thats only half of the problems we are facing in Kuwait.
Right now I am at work so I cant really write much about where all this income and revenue should be going, but I think we all know that it should be spent to better the country, not to go into pockets of a minority of people. This entry will be continued later!


Okay I cannot believe the comment that WALEED wrote on my previous post … first of all the police are here for the safety and comfort of the people of the country and i dont think they fulfill either job.¬† Their lazy, and they don’t want to do anything, just like Yoshi said, all they’re good for is putting up a tafteesh either 3al 7ob or akher il shahar 3ashan ikhal9oon daftar il mokhalafat malhum.
Shdakhaaaaaaaaaal women loving shopping to the za7ma? Have you seen the number of taxi’s in kuwait?? Those little annoying crap that drive around and nearly crash into anything? HATHOOOL sibab il za7ma! and women buy 2-3 cars every year???? I think its the men who do that, but even if either of the sexes bought 2-3 cars a year, i think i THINK its only humanly possible to drive only one at a time Mr. Waleed, correct me if I’m wrong.
Allah i3afy il ni3ma ili e7na feeeha that we can get help to aide us with house hold chores.  I think you should get your head out of the sand and see that in this day and age a woman could juggle both a job and her kids at the same time.  You see that happening around the world.  A woman does not have to sit at home and clean and cook if she has enough money to get some help.  As with taking care of the kids, its the job of the PARENTS not only the mother, what the father is only there to bring the money in? Tafkeerik tafih! Please educate yourself before trying to be such a hotshot. 
And women like to shop, khair ya 6aaair?? its not something new and not all women like to shop.¬† Its just like saying all guys do is either igizoon or yil3iboon janjifa all day long.¬† You can’t generalize something like that, and you can’t blame traffic on women liking to shop!!!
Traffic will stop if we sell our cars and expect us to do what society expects us to do?  Please enlighten me on what YOUR idea is on what society expects me, a woman, to do?
In my opinion, I think society expects me to give back to it, and help it.¬† Through working and educating people, you can’t do that by sitting at home all day talking to Umkhaled or Um3abdulla about the price of sa7arat khyaar! Working and studying does not only benefit the person, but it also benefits society, and the children!¬† Imagine having an uneducated mother? What does that lead to?

Who you gonna call … not ghost busters :P

I would like to thank 777 on their fast and efficient replies to phone calls¬†for help …¬†NOT!!!¬†

¬†Okay so I went to soog il aqmisha today with my cousin who wanted to buy some stuff (and 6ab3an i had to buy fabric) even though i KNOW ina its probably just gonna sit in my room :s … anyways when we were about to leave we nearly reached the pay booth wella ako line …. and no one is moving, il shari3 ili after the pay booth kan WAGIF .. I think we waited for 1/2 an hour or 45 mins or something like that.¬† Anyways after a couple of minutes my cousin started to get really annoyed, and she really needed to go home to her kids.¬† So she decieded to call 777 to see tell them ena ako za7ma to come see if there has been an accident or what the heck is going on… I dunno why she decieded to call them but she did.¬† 6ab3an we were both calling them at the same time, she was on her phone and I was on mine.¬† For 15 minutes straight it would ring until it went to “No Answer” then I would redial again, and again and again.¬† Anyways after a while we both got bored and decieded to stop calling them liana mako fayda they won’t reply.
Seriously these people are supposed to be the 911 of Kuwait oo for 15 minutes of STRAIGHT calling no one picked up the fone! ya3ni if someone had been in an accident (allah la igool) bas they would have probably died by then!!!
I remember this summer I was out with my friend and we were driving on shari3 il ma6ar (Highway 50) bas going towards Kuwait city, and there was a stalled car in the middle of the road, it was a dark car, the flashers weren’t on, and it was night time, fa ya3ni it was an accident waiting to happen.¬† We tried to call 777, and on our 10th combined try I got through and told them about it and they guy who answered was like “ee wala wi9alina khabar, inshala indiz a7ad” WHAT THE HELL! AAAAGHHHH!!!
Ya3ni these people are the ones we are supposed to depend on incase of an emergency, and they don’t answer! Wala I think the last ounce of respect I had for the police force in Kuwait had vanished!¬†
If you can’t depend on 777 to help you incase of an emergency then who the heck do you call when you need the cops/fire trucks/ambulance???


Za7mat liq8 shay mo 6abeeee3i!!! il7imdila ena 6ireeeeji to work is 3aks il za7ma .. allah i3afeee il thajeeej *hahaha* mat7ooshni il za7ma ila itha we9alt 9oob il parking .. bas anyways thak ilyoom kan moody 7ada wai3 .. ma 6ala3t ila il sa3a 6:30 from work oo bas kent abee asawee shay irayi7ni .. so i decieded to go shopping with my friend …. and i wished i hadn’t left my house .. il shari3 ili kan iwadeeena til il ishara ili gabil shari3 il fanar was closed fa 6ab3an being the girls that we were .. 7adna confused oo lost (even with navigation) bas we found our way … BAS ZA7MA! wai3 wai3 wai3 il 6ireeeej ili usually 15 minutes khathana akthar min 45 mins! min il jabriya til fanar! LAA jad ma9adig! Oo ya3ni kent baroo7 shopping ma legait shay lil asaf …
Anyways ham on tuesday(today kind of) 6ala3t min il dawam late again .. at 6 .. oo kent 7adiiiii yo3ana fa i dagait 3ala omi oo gitlaha la itaghada 3ani .. chan itgoooli babdi akil 3ala ma to9leeen madam 6ireeejich ma feeeh za7ma .. lait-ha mo gayla hal kilma liana after ma i closed il phone minha wella il shari3 wagef .. oo 6ab3an tinarfazt akthar cuz i was HUNGRY! shway shway wella 3araft laish il shari3 wagif .. kan ako 7adith on the other side of the highway .. ya3ni 7itan not even 3ala their side! ish-hal ligafa il zayda?!

Cleanliness or whatever

I was driving home last night with a friend, and I wasn’t really in the mood for anything, I was tiered and FULL. Anyways there were annoying and nasty guys in the car next to us, and after a couple of minutes they got the hint that we weren’t gonna look at them so they drive up a little. Then one of them rolls his window down and throws a coke can out side of the car! I was so disgusted!! He couldnt throw it in a bag and wait til he got home and then throw it in the trash?!
Would people walk around their house and throw their trash on the ground? OKay yeah some people might, but still I mean its your home, you wouln’t want to live in a pig sty! YUCK! And the same goes for your country. Half the men that are brought in to clean their streets don’t do their job anyways.
Isn’t cleanliness part of Islam, or are these “muslims” only good for saying this is 7aram and this is 7aram, and not following the rest of the rules?

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