Yesterday in my “Art of Living” course, I was trying so hard to concentrate on my breathing instead of what my aunt had said, but no matter how much I pushed it out, it kept on coming back to my mind. Really I think out of everyone I know, she REALLY should take “The Art of Living”, although I love my aunt and all, there are some traits in her that could, and should be changed. First of all, shes could be at times a very negative person, shes very edgy and always see’s the negative in ppl and in situations. I think that if she took the class she would really change to the better, because it would help her relax, ease her mind, and be happy. I like to think of my self as a happy and optimistic person, for the most part. I LOVE to smile and laugh, I try hard not to see anything in a negative light (although sometimes it doesn’t work for me), and the art of living class im taking is strengthening these qualities in me, and I think they are the best qualities a person could have. Who wants to hang out with a depressed complainer?! They tire you out and take away all your positive energy, but when you have a friend who’s happy, laughing, smiling you’d always want to be with them because they make you happy to, right??
Anyways back to my aunt, everytime we’re together, whether its eid, family dinners, or family get togethers she says somethings that completly baffle me, and one thing she would tell us that would REALLY angers me is “Yallah, get married so we can get rid of you girls” (yalla tizawejaw 3ashan niftak minkum). Really?? are we that much of a burden to you? Are your daughters that much of a burden on you?? And after they get married are you not gonna have anything to do with them? Everytime she says it I answer her back by saying that marriage is not a means to get rid of someone and when ur older and lonely you’ll wish you had longer time with your daughters. Marriage is something special and its something long term and you shouldn’t rush into it for the sake of shacking up or making sure you have someone to take care of you. It should be for different reasons, no need to rush at all!
So I know a girl who got engaged about a month ago, acctually exactly a month ago, and her milcha is in about 2 weeks. So she was engaged for about a total of 6 weeks maybe? I think that is too short for engagement. Even if I had known a person prior to our engagement, I still wanna live the life of engagement and all taht good stuff. HOPEFULLY you only become a bride once, so if i ever get engaged I’m gonna milk it for all its worth (being in the spotlight that is not asking for money and stuff) 😛


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  1. George R.
    Apr 21, 2007 @ 16:37:16



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