Za7mat liq8 shay mo 6abeeee3i!!! il7imdila ena 6ireeeeji to work is 3aks il za7ma .. allah i3afeee il thajeeej *hahaha* mat7ooshni il za7ma ila itha we9alt 9oob il parking .. bas anyways thak ilyoom kan moody 7ada wai3 .. ma 6ala3t ila il sa3a 6:30 from work oo bas kent abee asawee shay irayi7ni .. so i decieded to go shopping with my friend …. and i wished i hadn’t left my house .. il shari3 ili kan iwadeeena til il ishara ili gabil shari3 il fanar was closed fa 6ab3an being the girls that we were .. 7adna confused oo lost (even with navigation) bas we found our way … BAS ZA7MA! wai3 wai3 wai3 il 6ireeeej ili usually 15 minutes khathana akthar min 45 mins! min il jabriya til fanar! LAA jad ma9adig! Oo ya3ni kent baroo7 shopping ma legait shay lil asaf …
Anyways ham on tuesday(today kind of) 6ala3t min il dawam late again .. at 6 .. oo kent 7adiiiii yo3ana fa i dagait 3ala omi oo gitlaha la itaghada 3ani .. chan itgoooli babdi akil 3ala ma to9leeen madam 6ireeejich ma feeeh za7ma .. lait-ha mo gayla hal kilma liana after ma i closed il phone minha wella il shari3 wagef .. oo 6ab3an tinarfazt akthar cuz i was HUNGRY! shway shway wella 3araft laish il shari3 wagif .. kan ako 7adith on the other side of the highway .. ya3ni 7itan not even 3ala their side! ish-hal ligafa il zayda?!


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  1. Mirim Flamingo
    Mar 07, 2007 @ 12:12:23

    hay hay HAY! it couldve been me again so SHUTTTTTT IT! dont blame 7awadith


  2. Yoshi
    Mar 07, 2007 @ 16:02:40

    1) Hi
    2) My God i take the 6th ring road to work everyday if i left my house at 6:15am the road is soooo smooth but if I left at 6:30am MY GOD its like something happened in kuwait city that every1 is running away from,,, and ur right WHY DO PPL LIKE TO WATCH THE ACCIDET ??? i guess they get jelouse of them … they wish it was them PPL HERE R MILAGEEEF.
    3) shopping in kuwait why ??? i haven’t shopped here in like 10 years shopping is LONDON and NY thats shopping not fanar or marina or or better ppl go to vila moda thinking is the latest …. DUDE GO TO ANY OUTLET in the US and they have stuff there a7la oo ayded min ile ihni
    4) last if its za7ma just do like wat i did i got my self a BIKE faster and easyer to get a parking 🙂


  3. waleed
    Mar 09, 2007 @ 19:33:38

    power puff! :p


  4. waleed
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 21:15:10

    ok yoshi ur not gay????? i love how u use the phrase “i haven’t shopped here in like 10 years shopping is LONDON and NY thats shopping not fanar or marina or or better ppl go to vila moda thinking is the latest ….” wow ur always up 2 date with fashion 😉


  5. boredq80
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 21:36:36

    Waleeed there is nothing wrong with a guy knowing how to dress, or 3ala gooltik being up to date with the fashion. Some kuwaiti guys (and girls) siiiiiiiiiiiij may3arfoon how to dress, come on ppl its not that hard to coordinate clothes!


  6. waleed
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 21:48:53

    ok u guyzzz have got serious problems!! Ok mo alkil yegdar ero7 london oo NY 3ashan yeshtery mithel Yoshi oo boredq80 what the hell ur just showin how a power puff u r!!!!!!!!
    It just shows what u think about shoppin oo basech 7ash bil nas kaifhom 5al yalbeson ily yabona shino ily 7arech!!!!!!!!!! Mino gal ina what u wear is always greatly co-ordinated!!!! As long as the woman shows cleavege or just some skin then she is greatly co-ordinated 😉
    Yoshi r u watchin the game right now??? or r u busy watchin star ac. and rotana?


  7. boredq80
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 23:01:26

    OMG waleed SHUT UP! I never said i go to NY or London to shop .. in my POST as u can see i said i was going to FANAR to shop … and excuse me .. not all women think that dressing like a skank is hot .. and I dont dress like that il7imdila .. but i know a little bit more than just throwing on a soccer jersey and jeans


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