Who you gonna call … not ghost busters :P

I would like to thank 777 on their fast and efficient replies to phone calls for help … NOT!!! 

 Okay so I went to soog il aqmisha today with my cousin who wanted to buy some stuff (and 6ab3an i had to buy fabric) even though i KNOW ina its probably just gonna sit in my room :s … anyways when we were about to leave we nearly reached the pay booth wella ako line …. and no one is moving, il shari3 ili after the pay booth kan WAGIF .. I think we waited for 1/2 an hour or 45 mins or something like that.  Anyways after a couple of minutes my cousin started to get really annoyed, and she really needed to go home to her kids.  So she decieded to call 777 to see tell them ena ako za7ma to come see if there has been an accident or what the heck is going on… I dunno why she decieded to call them but she did.  6ab3an we were both calling them at the same time, she was on her phone and I was on mine.  For 15 minutes straight it would ring until it went to “No Answer” then I would redial again, and again and again.  Anyways after a while we both got bored and decieded to stop calling them liana mako fayda they won’t reply.
Seriously these people are supposed to be the 911 of Kuwait oo for 15 minutes of STRAIGHT calling no one picked up the fone! ya3ni if someone had been in an accident (allah la igool) bas they would have probably died by then!!!
I remember this summer I was out with my friend and we were driving on shari3 il ma6ar (Highway 50) bas going towards Kuwait city, and there was a stalled car in the middle of the road, it was a dark car, the flashers weren’t on, and it was night time, fa ya3ni it was an accident waiting to happen.  We tried to call 777, and on our 10th combined try I got through and told them about it and they guy who answered was like “ee wala wi9alina khabar, inshala indiz a7ad” WHAT THE HELL! AAAAGHHHH!!!
Ya3ni these people are the ones we are supposed to depend on incase of an emergency, and they don’t answer! Wala I think the last ounce of respect I had for the police force in Kuwait had vanished! 
If you can’t depend on 777 to help you incase of an emergency then who the heck do you call when you need the cops/fire trucks/ambulance???

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  1. waleed
    Mar 09, 2007 @ 19:36:35

    ummm im sorry bas u called the cops b/c ur cousin wants 2 go home!!!!!!!! homocide, robberies n ur annoyed b/c a cop would not come 2 checkout alza7ma!!!!!!!!! anyway its always za7ma ihnak…..


  2. Mirim Flamingo
    Mar 09, 2007 @ 20:25:46

    muroor is moruur, they deal with TRAFFIC. thats why they are called muroor. and 777 isnt just for ’emergencies’, its for jams, traffic light malfunctions, fights or disturbances, accidents. its for all those.

    so yes, if i was stuck in traffic that was not being taken care of, i would call a cop. and where do i find one? adig 3ala mobilat’hom ya3ni? 6ab3an la .. u call 777.


  3. Yoshi
    Mar 10, 2007 @ 08:49:04

    Mirim Flamingo
    Is totaly right …. all they do is stop 3ind isharat sari3 il 7oob talking to their friends and checking out girls ….. oo ile ibooo6 il chabad like the other day ana rad min il dawam il ishara za7ma oo hirnat oo lo3at chabad …. a police car came and i was like about time u DUMB ASSES so he opened his flusher thingi and talking with the mic ( MOVE TO THE RIGHT MOVE TO THE LEFT ) but still no 1 was moving it was rush hour for god sake …. then he went on the pavement drove all the way to the traffic light went down oo kamal 6ireeeja didn’t do anything ??????? so yes WALEED if a girl wants to call and tell them that its za7ma and wants to get back home fast laha il 7aaaag …. ITS THE FREEKING POLICE’S JOB TO MAKE THE ROAD EEzEER


    Mar 15, 2007 @ 17:15:22

    OK if i were a cop n one of u chicks called me 4 some stupid traffic problem id get so pissed off!!!!!!!! Why should it be a cops problem that u chicks r spoiled n cant wait 4 anything!!!!!! U know the problem isnt just about traffic its a social disorder problem u chicks r so mentally complicated that u believe waiting in line or waiting 4 a traffic light is embaressing!!!! All u chicks care about is shopping n tv. back in the old days girlzz stayed at home cooked, cleaned, and took care of the children. Those stupid problems never existed!!!!!! Oh yeah i think we should have female cops to deal with the spoiled chicks in our society….. b/c us guyzz dnt have time 4 such minor problems. Anyway traffic will always be traffic in q8 since females love buying 2-3 cars per yr…. Traffic will stop if u chicks decide to sell ur cars n stay at home n do what society expects u 2 do!!!!!!! anyway im no cop n the point i wanna make is MALE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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