Okay I cannot believe the comment that WALEED wrote on my previous post … first of all the police are here for the safety and comfort of the people of the country and i dont think they fulfill either job.  Their lazy, and they don’t want to do anything, just like Yoshi said, all they’re good for is putting up a tafteesh either 3al 7ob or akher il shahar 3ashan ikhal9oon daftar il mokhalafat malhum.
Shdakhaaaaaaaaaal women loving shopping to the za7ma? Have you seen the number of taxi’s in kuwait?? Those little annoying crap that drive around and nearly crash into anything? HATHOOOL sibab il za7ma! and women buy 2-3 cars every year???? I think its the men who do that, but even if either of the sexes bought 2-3 cars a year, i think i THINK its only humanly possible to drive only one at a time Mr. Waleed, correct me if I’m wrong.
Allah i3afy il ni3ma ili e7na feeeha that we can get help to aide us with house hold chores.  I think you should get your head out of the sand and see that in this day and age a woman could juggle both a job and her kids at the same time.  You see that happening around the world.  A woman does not have to sit at home and clean and cook if she has enough money to get some help.  As with taking care of the kids, its the job of the PARENTS not only the mother, what the father is only there to bring the money in? Tafkeerik tafih! Please educate yourself before trying to be such a hotshot. 
And women like to shop, khair ya 6aaair?? its not something new and not all women like to shop.  Its just like saying all guys do is either igizoon or yil3iboon janjifa all day long.  You can’t generalize something like that, and you can’t blame traffic on women liking to shop!!!
Traffic will stop if we sell our cars and expect us to do what society expects us to do?  Please enlighten me on what YOUR idea is on what society expects me, a woman, to do?
In my opinion, I think society expects me to give back to it, and help it.  Through working and educating people, you can’t do that by sitting at home all day talking to Umkhaled or Um3abdulla about the price of sa7arat khyaar! Working and studying does not only benefit the person, but it also benefits society, and the children!  Imagine having an uneducated mother? What does that lead to?


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  1. Mirim Flamingo
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 11:42:35

    well put.


  2. Yoshi
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 13:03:03

    well said …….. women should be educated becuase ohma ile iraboon oo ohma ile idarsoon …. i really wouldn’t want to marry an uneducated women …


  3. waleed
    Mar 18, 2007 @ 19:44:25

    yoshi r u gay? who said anything about uneducated women?????????????? Showty ur confused n ur friends seem 2 just tag along with whatever u say!!!!!!!!!!! Now this comment is actually well put flamingo (now why does anybody choose 2 use some stupid dorky bird as their nickname)


  4. Yoshi
    Mar 18, 2007 @ 21:05:37

    waleed am not gay ur an idot an shasaweelik


  5. Yoshi
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 09:05:50

    Waleed am sorry i didn’t explain why ur an idot in my last msg becuase i had better things to do than reply to silly msg:
    1) u idot YOSHI is a dinosaur not a bird
    2) all over the world its known that the police r to SERVE AND PRITECT, they said to SERVE first not protect so if a women is late for a date becuase shes out of eye liner or a lip glouse she can call them up and tell them to get it for her, or some idot like u had a flat tire and didn’t know how to fix it he could call them up and they’ll assist him. Look it up read about the P.D then talk.
    3) Dude we’re in the 21st century not the 15th and i think kuwait is a Democratic country and we do have women rights or r u the type that wants women to sit at home cook for u and becomes fat ??? Educate ur self not in studing and getting all the degrees. A degree is not everything so many ppl have PHD’S and MASTER’S, but there mentality is crap, open ur mind and see … Women reached high places like Hillary Clinton, Condolezza Rice and the iron women Margaret Thatcher.
    4) I don’t know those 2 girls and they r not my friends, but knowning 1 like them is better than knowning 100 MOTAKHALIF.


  6. waleed
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 10:42:17

    hehehe yoshi….
    read my comment again;try 2 concentrate this time…..
    (yoshi and bird were never in the same sentence) try 2 make some sence in what u write. by the way why r u so offended by the gay question?
    degrees: so ur telling me pple w/o phds n masters think better than pple with those degrees?
    i think i know ur type, ur the gay that loves 2 dress in orange n walk around saying nabyha 5amsa!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Yoshi
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 11:01:58

    hahahahaha ….. i didn’t but i wish i did becuase and if it makes me gay to wear orange and stand for something i believe better than imzagrit oo labis dishdasha oo imqa6is qitrity bil ba7ar oo ana min il dakhil IZBALA MITHLIK …. 3an ithnik i’d rather do something usefule for this country than lower myself and taLK to some1 motakhalif


  8. Mirim Flamingo
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 11:18:34


    I expected a rather credible or plausable argument from you after this post, but sadly all you seemed to do is bash nicknames (which by the way has not offended me at all if that was your intention), and randomly call people gay.

    Why is that? Have you run out of things to support your argument? or is it that you realized there is no support for your argument?

    I actually know you, and it saddens me that this is the way you speak. What you think is all up to you and you have the rights to it, bes the way you articulated it and tried to get your message across is just a disappointment.

    Ultimately, this was an online post about the lack of policemen doing their duties. If you think they are indeed doing their job, thats entirely your opinion and that fine. However, going on and on pointlessly about women, the color orange which for some reason you think is gay (is beyond me to say the least), and expressing your ridicule towards my nickname has done nothing to support your thoughts, or your image.

    This isnt irc, you wanna go old school download it and randomly spit out whatever words you like. As for this blog, dont ruin it with random crap.

    e7terem aaraa2 ilnass nafs ma ana ga3d a7awel a7terem your opinion, as i have stated many times in this entry.


  9. Yoshi
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 17:40:48

    Waleed i told u i was really busy couldn’t and ur right i didn’t read what u wrote 3adil … i just did and again …………. MY GOD U R AN IDOT can’t beilive we have some ppl in kuwait like u …….. WOMEN SHOULD STAY AT HOME AND COOK ??????????? r u SERIOUSE or is it a joke ????


  10. waleed
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 20:26:31

    ok u guyz should hook up!!!!!!!!!! inzain about the nabyha 5, i think it is total nonsense because itha taby real democracy then it should be daéra wa7da!!!!!!!!! ok im an idiot bas plzz yoshi why do u have to use such lang. i never cussed at u i simply asked r u gay??? its a yes or no question…. Mirim im pretty sure u n Yoshi fit 2gether uve both got nice nicknames n ud make a beautiful couple… Plz Yoshi try 2 be more sensible and lets agree 2 disagree… Oh yeah by the way if ur that busy why do u keep comin back n writing comments (im no sayin ur weak but it is a sign of weakness) so buddy stick with ur plan n ignore me 😉 As 4 u flamingo ummm ive gone blanck… ive already stated my opinion once why should i go back n argue but its so much fun 2 listen 2 yoshi, n if u know me then ud know what im doin here so stop with the negative stuff n put a smile on ur face i mean look at the bright side its no bad being the 2nd gender on this planet 😉 u can still eat watch tv and witness ur children blossom in2 architects, doctors, n housewives….. No hard feelings, i cant wait 2 listen back 2 u guyzzz ive really got u guyzz in a corner again!!!


  11. Mirim Flamingo
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 20:40:21

    corner? what corner? what are you even talking about? you arent making any sense. You talk a lot but youre not really saying anything. maybe you should be in the parliament, you have a lot of things common with them according to your post.


  12. waleed
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 20:56:19

    ok im back n thought yes i should have a better argument ur 1st paragraph really did touch me…. as 4 the rest u might aswell have saved us all some time n deleted. As u can c every thing in our society is connected so flamingo n yoshi (how can i possibly have a serious coversation with those nicks) what i mean is that the police is in someway connected 2 the political movements, women r connected to men men r connected 2 other things and the circle goes on and on… Lets talk about the police force i am in no way related to such a force but i do believe i have a point… You cant possibly excpect them (police men) to react seriously 2 such a phone call bas im sure thats what didnt piss u off, what really started the uprise was my thoughts on women… Anyway as 4 my political views i think the 5 dawaer is nonesense we got rid of a little part of the problem but not the whole part, u guyzz should sit dwn n think of the whole pic. (yoshi cant since hes 2 busy bas flamingo try b/c ur comment seems 2 be somewhat sensible, n after ur done try 2 explain what i said 2 yoshi b/c he needs a girl 2 talk 2 b/c all i would do is have him curse n curse) oh yeah exchange #’s that might help, ok back 2 nabyha 5amsa why 5amsa laesh mo daéra wa7da? u want true democracy 9a7 or r u scared albadow will win it all?????? shino 5amsa shlon ra’6yn ing9 3ala 3omorna? im not a bedouin bas i dont understand how pple can wave orange flags n dress up in orange n say “we want democracy” its so funny how we think oo whats even much more funnier is that yoshi wants 2 join the group just b/c most of the pple have 🙂 oo by the way flamingo whats the point of sayin “i know u?????” if u really do whats the point of hiding urself why use a barbie/power puff nickname, just use ur 1st name or is mirim ur name???? as 4 the women comments im not in the mood 2 talk about it b/c ur not readdy 2 listen n all u do is curse at me so whats the point!!!!! oh by the way heres a new topic: “segregation should be applied on all schools n in all public areas!!!!!”


  13. waleed
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 21:18:21

    Yoshi i admire ur comment in the “za7ma post” really brings out the man in u 🙂 well said i really applaude u 😉


  14. waleed
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 21:22:50

    mirim flamingo do u ever disagree with charps in this blog, a true support but u know friends should not always be positive try 2 disagree b/c im sure there is so much 2 disagree on 😉
    oh yeah i think i know who u r but lets not ruin the party and yes we are better than u guyz how could possibly compare the upper gender (men) 2 women???? w/o us ud be weak n lost u need us…..


  15. boredq80
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 21:39:48

    OMG WALEED! first and foremost, me and mirim do disagree on some issues, and she is not agreeing with me in this blog just because she is my friend, because on some issues we do share the same ideas!!!
    and im not even going to comment on ur “upper gender” comment liana its such a small minded comment .. please grow up 😛


  16. waleed
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 21:53:52

    why u playa hatin?


  17. Mirim Flamingo
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 22:26:47


    see the dozens of topics in this blog that i dont reply in? That is because i dont necessarily agree with it or find it interesting. So how is it possible u say i agree with her on every blog subject? much less agree with everything she says?
    can you focus on something before you speak? If u havent realized yet, those were rhetorical questions that dont need any answers. thats IF u havent realized. when you seem like someone intellectually worthy of conversing with, then i will consider debating/chatting with you on this blog. As for now, i come to this blog for entertainment, not to talk with a wall and have a headache at the end.
    Have a nice night 🙂


  18. Yoshi
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 22:43:44

    Mr. unedcated waleed
    mino ile gal i7na ma nabiha da2ira wa7da we do but to get there u need to start some where …… akeed we’r happy with 5 dawa2er 3ala il aqal iqalil il fasad then in 5 10 years time in6alib ib da2ira wa7da …… rome wasn’t built in a day
    u can’t come min awal mara and ask for the impossible …… its ur type that doesn’t want it to be 5 dawa2er …. tabe il fasad ikoon bil diwra mithil ba3aith il a3tha2 ile yadroon ina mara7 yinga7oon bil intikhbat il yaya ……oo ba3dian ana ma sabatik … all i said that ur AN UNEDUCATED IDOT ……. becuase if u where u’d know how to respect women and live in the present not bil jahiliya …. ya jahil


  19. kkaall300
    Mar 19, 2008 @ 18:52:49

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    سياسة ، اقتصاد ، ثقافة ، حوار ،
    أدب ، شعر ، فن والمزيد


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