Show me the money!!

From Arabtimes :

Kuwait income soars to record $50 billion; $17 billion surplus forecast

KUWAIT CITY (AFP): Oil-rich Kuwait posted record income of KD 14.38 billion ($49.75 billion) in the first 11 months of the fiscal year ending this month, the finance ministry said on Monday. According to figures posted on the ministry website, revenues are up 16.7 percent on the $42.6 billion posted in the same period of the previous year and already exceed the $47 billion posted for the whole of 2005-6. Receipts also already exceed by a massive 68.6 percent the government’s whole year projection of $29.5 billion.

Okay so that is the first paragraph of the article that is in the Arabtimes today. The income of Kuwait is so big, but I do not know where the money is going. 3ala kil hal ni3ma that we have ma ibayin 3ala our country!!!!!! The streets are so horrible, many of the buildings, esp in downtown kuwait “the financial district” are SO ugly!, the schools and education system are not good at all, and the public hospitals are crap, and thats only half of the problems we are facing in Kuwait.
Right now I am at work so I cant really write much about where all this income and revenue should be going, but I think we all know that it should be spent to better the country, not to go into pockets of a minority of people. This entry will be continued later!


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