Kuwaiti Randomnessss

Its been a while since I’ve last blogged, hadn’t had anything interesting to say .. 😉

Anyways, the other day me and one of my friends were having dinner at Wasabi in Bed3, and we were both talking about how much we missed california, and how she needed a US dosage etc etc.  After a while we hear really really loud music (we were sitting outside) and then we see the source of the loud music.   It was an old T-Bird, a blue one, with two guys who think they’re ghetto (key word THINK), with their pimped out hyrdauliced car.  They really thought they were ghetto, they had the whole Du Rag (or watever its called) thing on.  I couldn’t help but laugh at the sillyness of those guys.  I mean WHY on earth would you want to be ghettto? Its not anything to aspire to be, poor and living in the projects and uneducated? But anyways it was a good laugh, I wonder what will happen to them if they got thrown in south central LA? Or Harlem, or in any poor southern state, or even in North Murderapolis (Minneapolis ;p)

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