Places to go

My american friend is coming to Kuwait in 17 days.  I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Its going to be her first time in the Middle East, and I MISS HER SO MUCH!
I am thinking of places to take her here in Kuwait
If one more person asks me why i’m bring her to kuwait I am going to slap them!  Even though I complain about Kuwait, tara when people come to visit they enjoy it for a bit (i know this i am not making it up!)  I know three cases of American females who have visited Kuwait and really liked it.  One stayed for 10 days, the other for 3 months and one stayed for a year and did not want to leave. 
My boss told me about the Gulf War Museum (I had no idea it exsisted) and it sounded really cool.
I think I am going to take her to Kuwait Towers ofcourse (I have not been there since elementary school), Villa Moda, Sooq il Aqmisha (my favorite place), soog il mbarikya, ofcourse I’m going to take her to Shalaih the “S” sisters (AAKH i love you girls).
the malls are a must for any girl 😛
Any ideas on where else I can take her? Please help


Random things about ME :)

Not that you guys wanna know stuff about me, but im bored …

1. I don’t like talking on the phone for a long time, I CANT talk on the phone for a long time, I dont know what to say.  I think there are only a handful of people I can have normal phone conversations with.

2. I’m pretty sure I have ADULT ADD.  My concentration span is SO SHORT, I do a million things at once, everything is rushing and quick in my head!

3. I’m VERY scared of planes and heights

4. If i’m in a place thats TOO crowded I get claustrophobic

5. I have a never ending appetite

6. I think my bluntness is too much. 

7. I absolutly LOVE my family to death, I LOVE, look up, respect, my mom to the greatest extent.

8. Friendships are so important to me, I value true friendships and i love my friends.  That is why its very hard for me to forgive a friend if they betrayed me.

9. I don’t know my lefts and rights

10.  My sneeze’s are so loud and scary

11. I like being short 😛

12. I have been told that I am totally weird and random

13. I’m SHY (I really am)

14. I really like country music … especiallly rascal flatts

15. I can’t watch bollywood movies in one sitting … they are too long

OKay must return to work .. and stop procrastinating .. will be continued .. maybe

Virgin (MEGASTORE) Shutdown

I can’t believe the Ministry of Information shut down Virgin Megastore! I think that is one of the most backward, idiotic moves done by that MOI.  What I don’t understand is, everything we ever need and want in any shape or form we could get in Kuwait.  If I want movies/shows etc I could get them from 7awali or any of the other stores.  Any CD’s I could download or buy from Itunes.  Getting anything in Kuwait is just a phone call away.  The one store that is so entertaining and fun to walk through gets shutdown because of some “indecent” stuff.  Come on ya3ni what could they be selling in there that is so horrible? The Hed Kandi CD’s that have bikini clad women on the cover?  Go to the beach in Julai’a and you could see women in Bikini’s.  Or even turn on Mazzika or Melody and you could see half dressed women that can’t sing dancing to really annoying songs.  If you want to see any movie/show its on Orbit or Showtime.  I think that move is a HUGE step backward for our country.  I think people should learn to respect other ideas and opinions even if they are much different than theirs.  If you don’t want to see somethings you are not forced to look at it or buy it, just turn the other way, but don’t deny other ppl their pleasures and interests. 
One thing that kind of surprised me, I was looking through a magazine a while ago, I think it was for Al-Ostourah or one of the stores in Kuwait, and as I was flipping through the pages I was wondering why the heck are the clothes SO UGLY! what is wrong with the designers why is everything covered so much. Then I realized that they had edited the photos and painted over the shoulders/top part of the arms, and they had covered the thigh areas of women if their dresses were too short.  Now if they think THAT would turn a man on, a fashion magazine, then these ppl have something wrong with their minds!


Okay if ANY of you guys know me, then u know that I don’t know my left from my right, my yimeeen from my yisar, my gauche from my droit! Seriously people have tried to teach me and when I am driving FORGET that I will get it.  By the time I figure it out, I would have probably missed the turn.  (There have been MANY stories that my friends could tell you about this .. ;p)
So today I went to a check up at the eye doctor to see if I am a candidate for LAZIK eye surgery, and ofcourse I had to go through the letters A B C X Y F L M and the numbers 1 4 5 6 7 etc, I was doing PERFECTLY FINE until he gave me the E’s that I had to say whether they were LEFT, RIGHT, UP or DOWN.  See I dont have a problem with the up or down, but the left and right maaan that shit drives me CRAZY!
So he’s like ok please tell me where this is pointing, I got SOO flustered and I was trying so hard to figure out which hand was my left and right (DISCREETLY), but wasn’t so discreet really.  After the first couple of tries he saw that I was KIND of having problems (i was cursing myself for not wearing a watch) the doctor said that he will follow where my hands are pointing (OH THE EMBARRASEMENT! IM 22 FOR GODSAKE!)
Thank GOD that was over with, and it was only 2 slides I think ( i figured out left and right by the end :P)
And No I was not a candidate for LAZIK eye surgery my corneas are too thin (they are on the normal side but thin) and the doctor said its not too weird because I’m tiny so everything has to be small to LOL
But I will be doing EPI-LAZIK which means they will be working on the outter surface, he really explained what he will do, it sounds kind of scary, but I am doing it INSHALA .. Seriously I am SO sick of contacts

What does it take to get a job?

So as many of my friends know I am not completly satisfied with where I work now.  I’m not the lazy type but my job takes TOO much of my time, I work Sat-Wed (8:30-5) and Thursday (8:30-1).  My only sleeping day is Friday, and its not even my sleeping day! I wake up early to get stuff done (and I cant get a lot of stuff done cuz its friday!)
Anyways I am getting sick of the one day weekends, especially since summer is around the corner which means SHALAIH SEASON!
So I forwarded my CV to my friend who sent it to the HR manager in her company, I got a call from the sister company of where my friend works and they set up an interview.  Its a new company and when I went they still were not set up fully in their place.  I was interviewed and the manager looked some what interested, then he dropped the bomb.

“You know we are an Islamic company and we follow the Shari’a law, and so far all the woman we have hired are Met7ajbas, and I don’t think we can hire any non-met7ajba’s”

REALLY? But I looked so professional! I was wearing black work pants with a pinstriped button down, and HEELS! I barely had any make up on (completly different than the two met7ajbas that were working there who were wearing LOUD colors and make up to last a lifetime!)

It really bothered me that the 7ejab is what could get me that job, not that I would have worked there anyways. So I thanked the guy and left and went back to work.


Hi my name is chirp and I am a Facebook addict.

 Okay So I think my facebook addiction started when I opened my facebook account back in 2004, I think that is the longest I have been on something like that without losing interest or getting bored.  I heard about facebook through my sorority friends back in the states and I went home and got a facebook account.  And ever since then I have been obsessivly checking my facebook.
Back in the states (and even here) when one of us said something stupid we would automatically say “OMG FACEBOOK QUOTEEEE”
I know about my friends life through facebook, whos dating who, who broke up, where they’re going etc, and it helps me stay in touch with my college friends.
There are pro’s and con’ to facebook, and sometimes I am tempted to cancel my account.  I don’t know why people add random ppl to their list, does that make you any cooler to have more friends? Or do they use it as a way to pick up girls (or guys).   I hate it when I check my facebook and have random guys adding me, ya3ni come on ppl am I really gonna add you as a friend if I dont know you? Thank God for the new privacy settings on facebook.  I’m so sad I can’t access facebook at work, it makes me feel out of touch with the world for the 8 hours i’m at work (yes i am that bad ;p)

Harry Potter Book 7

I can’t wait til July 21st!!! Thats when the 7th and final Harry Potter book will be released!!!!!!!

Yes I am a Harry Potter addict!!!

To any of my friends who read this blog, if you are considering buying me any gifts EVER I want Harry Potter books 1-5 in Hard Cover 😛 I lost my collection with the 2 1/2 moves I did 😦 All I have is Harry Potter book 6 left 😦

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