Hakuna Matata

Nothing makes a day better than being with amazing people you love that make you laugh, and being in funny situations.
So after work my friends told me they would come with me to buy a sari, so I decieded to go to sari house, ofcourse not knowning that it had shut down until we got there.  The men in the tailor next door to the closed store told us to go just down the street into a building and we’ll find a sari store there.  So we make it into the building, and its TINY but for some reason it took us a couple of walks around the place to find the sari store, and 6ab3an they dont take knet, fa the the guy that works there told us to go to burgan bank which is in the next building, that area smells SOO SOOO bad from the sewers! So we finally get all my things that I needed and we leave…Although that does not sound interesting, it was funny being there with all these indian people around us, I think they were confused on whether we were indians or not.  Then 6ab3an my friend kind of gets hit on by a philipino :p and we get followed by two disgusting 3agad , and they didnt leave until my friend said “araaaaaaaaaaaaf” in their face ;p
Then I had to be taxi and go pick up a couple of people, while we were in the car my friend was playing around with my ipod and she put christmas songs, and we all were singing along at the top of our lungs, 3ala gooolat my friend chena kids being taken to sschool in a carpool LOL, then we switched to disney songs :p
I love my friends I really really really do ;****


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