AUK Fashion Show

When I first heard that my friends class at AUK was making a fashion show I got really excited to go, because I though they were going to design and get the clothes done, but when I heard that the clothes were going to be from stores (Bershka and Cool Cat to be exact) I kind of lost some of my enthusiasm.  At first I wasn’t that enthused about going, but I still wanted to go and check it out (and at the same time support my friend whos in the class :P) Anyways the fashion show was amazingly done.  The ambiance was good, the music was great (although repeated), it really showed that they worked REALLY REALLY hard on it.  I LOVED some of the hair styles of some of the models (the hair was done by TONI&GUY). 
I don’t know wat else to say, my brain is not functioning that well right now, but I had write about the fashion show.  I was really surprised at how organized it was and it was very well planned.  It is not something easy to do from point 0 and to get all the funding too, that is HELL (this is coming from experience).  I bet the fashion show was a surreal experience for the people who worked hard on it, they can’t believe its over.  Final words … Great Job!


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