Hi my name is chirp and I am a Facebook addict.

 Okay So I think my facebook addiction started when I opened my facebook account back in 2004, I think that is the longest I have been on something like that without losing interest or getting bored.  I heard about facebook through my sorority friends back in the states and I went home and got a facebook account.  And ever since then I have been obsessivly checking my facebook.
Back in the states (and even here) when one of us said something stupid we would automatically say “OMG FACEBOOK QUOTEEEE”
I know about my friends life through facebook, whos dating who, who broke up, where they’re going etc, and it helps me stay in touch with my college friends.
There are pro’s and con’ to facebook, and sometimes I am tempted to cancel my account.  I don’t know why people add random ppl to their list, does that make you any cooler to have more friends? Or do they use it as a way to pick up girls (or guys).   I hate it when I check my facebook and have random guys adding me, ya3ni come on ppl am I really gonna add you as a friend if I dont know you? Thank God for the new privacy settings on facebook.  I’m so sad I can’t access facebook at work, it makes me feel out of touch with the world for the 8 hours i’m at work (yes i am that bad ;p)


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  1. noactive
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 06:36:16

    Facebook .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.


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