What does it take to get a job?

So as many of my friends know I am not completly satisfied with where I work now.  I’m not the lazy type but my job takes TOO much of my time, I work Sat-Wed (8:30-5) and Thursday (8:30-1).  My only sleeping day is Friday, and its not even my sleeping day! I wake up early to get stuff done (and I cant get a lot of stuff done cuz its friday!)
Anyways I am getting sick of the one day weekends, especially since summer is around the corner which means SHALAIH SEASON!
So I forwarded my CV to my friend who sent it to the HR manager in her company, I got a call from the sister company of where my friend works and they set up an interview.  Its a new company and when I went they still were not set up fully in their place.  I was interviewed and the manager looked some what interested, then he dropped the bomb.

“You know we are an Islamic company and we follow the Shari’a law, and so far all the woman we have hired are Met7ajbas, and I don’t think we can hire any non-met7ajba’s”

REALLY? But I looked so professional! I was wearing black work pants with a pinstriped button down, and HEELS! I barely had any make up on (completly different than the two met7ajbas that were working there who were wearing LOUD colors and make up to last a lifetime!)

It really bothered me that the 7ejab is what could get me that job, not that I would have worked there anyways. So I thanked the guy and left and went back to work.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yoshi
    Apr 29, 2007 @ 15:22:33

    1 word WA96A u have it u work u don’t then ur not going anywhere … even if ur 1000 times qualified for that job …. don’t ask me why thats how its done in kuwait
    and another thing don’t u know that girls like u that don’t color their faces with makeup and where something respectful r considered ALIENS …. and that they came from another planet ???
    yup u have to color ur face like a clown and wear something reveling then they’ll give u a job in this country ..


  2. waleed
    May 01, 2007 @ 10:52:07

    i think the guy has a point go get a 7ejab 😉


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