Okay if ANY of you guys know me, then u know that I don’t know my left from my right, my yimeeen from my yisar, my gauche from my droit! Seriously people have tried to teach me and when I am driving FORGET that I will get it.  By the time I figure it out, I would have probably missed the turn.  (There have been MANY stories that my friends could tell you about this .. ;p)
So today I went to a check up at the eye doctor to see if I am a candidate for LAZIK eye surgery, and ofcourse I had to go through the letters A B C X Y F L M and the numbers 1 4 5 6 7 etc, I was doing PERFECTLY FINE until he gave me the E’s that I had to say whether they were LEFT, RIGHT, UP or DOWN.  See I dont have a problem with the up or down, but the left and right maaan that shit drives me CRAZY!
So he’s like ok please tell me where this is pointing, I got SOO flustered and I was trying so hard to figure out which hand was my left and right (DISCREETLY), but wasn’t so discreet really.  After the first couple of tries he saw that I was KIND of having problems (i was cursing myself for not wearing a watch) the doctor said that he will follow where my hands are pointing (OH THE EMBARRASEMENT! IM 22 FOR GODSAKE!)
Thank GOD that was over with, and it was only 2 slides I think ( i figured out left and right by the end :P)
And No I was not a candidate for LAZIK eye surgery my corneas are too thin (they are on the normal side but thin) and the doctor said its not too weird because I’m tiny so everything has to be small to LOL
But I will be doing EPI-LAZIK which means they will be working on the outter surface, he really explained what he will do, it sounds kind of scary, but I am doing it INSHALA .. Seriously I am SO sick of contacts


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  1. Yoshi
    Apr 30, 2007 @ 10:21:34

    hehehehe i had that same problem till 4 years ago when my 9 year old taught me something … i used to be so confused even at work i had to put a RED DOT ON MY HAND AND A BLUE 1 on the other so i wouldn’t get confused … till my cousin taught me …. anyway the way is see the back of ur 2 hands and try to do the letter (L) with ur finger and ur thump if u see that letter its ur left hand cause he right hand u’ll see the letter (L) bil magloob 😉


  2. waleed
    May 01, 2007 @ 10:54:04

    u guys have problems……….


  3. Yoshi
    May 02, 2007 @ 21:43:01

    hahahahahahaha waleed we have a problem ??
    hows ur SHITTY ARSENAL doing ?


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