Virgin (MEGASTORE) Shutdown

I can’t believe the Ministry of Information shut down Virgin Megastore! I think that is one of the most backward, idiotic moves done by that MOI.  What I don’t understand is, everything we ever need and want in any shape or form we could get in Kuwait.  If I want movies/shows etc I could get them from 7awali or any of the other stores.  Any CD’s I could download or buy from Itunes.  Getting anything in Kuwait is just a phone call away.  The one store that is so entertaining and fun to walk through gets shutdown because of some “indecent” stuff.  Come on ya3ni what could they be selling in there that is so horrible? The Hed Kandi CD’s that have bikini clad women on the cover?  Go to the beach in Julai’a and you could see women in Bikini’s.  Or even turn on Mazzika or Melody and you could see half dressed women that can’t sing dancing to really annoying songs.  If you want to see any movie/show its on Orbit or Showtime.  I think that move is a HUGE step backward for our country.  I think people should learn to respect other ideas and opinions even if they are much different than theirs.  If you don’t want to see somethings you are not forced to look at it or buy it, just turn the other way, but don’t deny other ppl their pleasures and interests. 
One thing that kind of surprised me, I was looking through a magazine a while ago, I think it was for Al-Ostourah or one of the stores in Kuwait, and as I was flipping through the pages I was wondering why the heck are the clothes SO UGLY! what is wrong with the designers why is everything covered so much. Then I realized that they had edited the photos and painted over the shoulders/top part of the arms, and they had covered the thigh areas of women if their dresses were too short.  Now if they think THAT would turn a man on, a fashion magazine, then these ppl have something wrong with their minds!


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  1. waleed
    May 01, 2007 @ 10:45:40

    Well all i can say is that i love the title 4 this post…..
    it really caught my attention…… once i started reading i got bored though since it turns out ur talkin about some stupid western store!!!!!!!!!!


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