Random thoughts

I got a phone call for  a job interview at one of the banks this morning, so I went to tell my mother who was not as enthusastic as I was, so I kind of got mad, because why isn’t she happy for me! It would be a better place to work, and I’d have actual time to spend with ppl! Anyways I was wearing jeans to work (because thats what everyone wears, and I’m not going to wear work pants and heels and strut myself down the parking lot near where I work cuz the men here are scary ) anyways shes like “Yeah you know you can’t wear jeans at banks” so i told her ofcourse I know! If you see where I worked you know why I dress like this! … Dress code is not enforced at all .. anyways that comment pissed me off so I asked her why she wasn’t happy for me that I have an interview, then she said well your gonna go continue your masters aren’t you why switch jobs, and then i told her I didnt want to make the same mistake I did in August, when she didn’t let me go 2 continue my masters, and told me to work until january and go then.  So I did that, and January passed and I’m still in Kuwait.  So I don’t wanna risk that AT ALL.


I woke up this morning my hair was kisha cuz I showered and didn’t do it yesterday.  So I woke up a little bit more early to do my hair.  I think I was half asleep or extremly excited about the phone call, that i closed the straightening iron on my wrist.. my reaction was NON EXSISTANT! And now I am at work and it hurts, so does my thumb that got hurt in the weekend …


I can’t believe its may already!!!! If I was still in college it would be FINALS time!!! I would be pulling allnighters and forgetting to eat! I still dont understand how I used to pull all nighters.  I tried staying up late a couple of times when i went to the shalaih, I think after the clock hits 2 AM I start becoming delirious and not making sense and I start to shut down little by little. 


I am in love with Rashed Al-Majeds new CD … AMAZING!!!!!!! I love tracks 1,3,8 and 15.  I also LOOOOVE this song by 3abdilmajeeed http://songs.dubaimoon.com/arshef/Men-Thabh-3abdelMajeed.ram

On a final note (cuz I have to pretened to work) Why are all the baqalas in jabriya closed 😦 why oh why oh why )


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