Childs innocence

I went to my aunts house yesterday where all my cousins and thier kids usually gather on  very crowded wednesday evenings in Kuwait.  There are 5 cousins that are always there, and between them they have 11 kids ranging from the age of 13-1 1/2.  The 13 year old is always with his friends so I won’t count him as a full member of this really loud and noisy crowd. 
Since I’m wearing my glasses the past couple of days I was greeted by screams of “NERD NERD, WHY DID YOU TURN INTO A NERD” as soon as I stepped into my aunts house.  I was surrounded by 1/2 of the kids tugging and pulling at my hands/clothes and bag. 
after I said my hellos, adn the children were told to go outside to play, I decieded to follow them outside to play with them.  The two older girls who are both 9, were teaching the 4 year olds (or some of them) different songs and dance moves that theyw ould have to perform for us. 
I went to the littlest ones, the 1 1/2 and 2 year old boys and it was so cute to see how if I gave one of them more attention the other one would do somethingmore to get mine. 
But as I was going inside the house, I looked at this picture as a whole.  How there was a childlike innocene that is covering them.  How they know that if they fell down, scraped their knees, bumped their heads their mothers are inside to kiss the pain away and make them feel better.  Their biggest issues was that Faisal wouldnt let Aziz get on his bike, or no one would give saboocha the ball.
I had to drop one of the 9 year olds (3awasha) home, and as I was driving home, she was talking to me about school, and shalaih and what they do, and how they have fun, and who her friends are.  Her 4th grade year is nearly over and next term she’ll be a 5th grader, God I remember when I was in 5th Grade we thought we were so cool because we were the oldest in elementary school.  Then I thought that in just a couple of years she’ll be a teenager and shes going to drive us all crazy! I can’t believe how fast time is running.  I still remember 3awasha as a 2 year old.  Then I thought of the younger kids, esp saboocha, the oldest one from my uncles side.  I remember she was born in 2002, right before I went to college, and everytime I came back 2 Kuwait she would be different and I used to hate it that I was missing out on their growing up ( I love these kids like they are my own)
When I was looking at the kids playing I wished I had one more day of that childrens innocence, where my parents were the ones that made everything perfect.  When I didn’t know about the crap that the world holds and all the obstacles that face us.


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  1. waleed
    May 04, 2007 @ 19:44:40

    u finally found ur crowd dudet 🙂

    who the hell is yoshi?
    do i know u?


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