Depresing Post …..

Death of a loved one is such a scary thing to think of.  My mom called me on wednesday to tell me that one of her friends mother had passed away, and she would be in the 3aza until il magharb … and that I should go on thursday with her.  I really like my moms friends and I have known this friend ever since I was born, and I have met her mother a couple of times, she wasn’t THAT old, she was 65 which I think is “old” but not REALLY REALLY old. 
I went to the 3aza on thursday with my mom, and it broke my heart to see my mothers friends and her sisters crying and sad.  and if that wasn’t bad enough my mothers other friend (who lost her son about a year and a half ago) came to the 3aza and she was calm at first but then she started crying and sobbing and it broke my heart, I couldn’t take it, my eyes started to well up and the tears just started coming.  I told my mom that I had to leave, said goodbye to my mothers friend and left.
I was at my mothers friends house one time with my mom, and then my mom decided to leave and I had nothing to do so I stayed with her friend.  She was telling me how hard life is after she lost her son (although she has 2 older sons and 1 older daughter).  She was telling me how its so hard for her to be interested in things that she used to do, she feels like her life is over. And we talked for a very long time, and it hurt me talking to her, because just imagining losing someone close to me brings tears to my eyes, and having it happen is a million times worse.


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  1. bottled
    May 06, 2007 @ 10:33:50

    I’m sorry for her loss, Nothing You can say to make her feel better. but showing up at their 3aza is the best you can do at the moment.
    sometimes words are not as helpful as being there, infront of them when someone needs you.

    Allah isa3ed’hom inshallah.


  2. eshda3wa
    May 06, 2007 @ 18:23:43

    but thats life isnt it?

    losing someone is not easy, but losing a child… i cant imagine something more painful

    Thats when your belief in god kicks in, it makes it so much easer knowing or hopeing they are in a better place, that they are happy, and that one day you will see them again

    allah y3een eljamee3


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