My favorite cookies in kuwait

Okay, so I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and chocolate, at times, disgusts me.  But sometimes I crave really really really goood cookies and brownies, and there is one place that makes them so good they make me wanna jump around and do a little dance … (i’m exaggerating a litte okay :P)
Anyways the cafe is called Almultaqa in Bait Lothan.  Although I have never really been to that cafe, I have tasted their brownies, and their cookies and they are heavenly.  THeir white chocolate macademia cookies are my favorite (they’re my fave anyways) and the only other place that tops their cookies is probably the bakery in Westwood next to the UCLA campus.
Anyways what made me right this entry is because the person who makes the brownies and cookies brought some over to my house today cuz she found out that I did the epi lazik (and also she was told I like them ;p), and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Seriously those cookies made my day! (thank youuuuu)


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