Its my cousins kids 5th birthday, so I went to Fantasy World to buy her a present … since I had no clue what to buy her, I called her mom and asked her what her daughter likes.   She told me any disney cartoon character, she likes sleeping beauty and snow white, and she also like hathooool bratz …. I’ve heard about Bratz alot from my other cousins kids who are around the same age and a couple of years older, but I have never seen them before …. So I was looking around fantasy world and I couldnt find any nice disney things to buy, so I started looking at the bratz dolls and I was shocked … I think they look like SLUTS seriously! with their extra mini skirts and their scary make up and their flashy clothes, they really looked like sluts and I couldnt believe they sold those to KIDS!!!!!!  Okay I know we played with barbies and all that, bas barbie looked nothing like that! At least her make up was less flashy!!!! What ever happened to polly pockets, care bears, my little pony, and all those other toys we used to play with!!! I ended up getting her clothes and accessories that she probably would like and would use even more.


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