Dirty Dancing Havana Nights

I was at home today, couldnt go out because of the weather, so I turned the TV on and “Shall We Dance” was on Showtime, so I ended up watching it.  That put me in the mood of watching one of my favorite cheesy movies … Dirty Dancing Havana Nights.  Everyone I know hates it and thinks it is a cheesy movie that did not need to be made.  I think otherwise, sometimes I need to watch a movie that makes me feel all happy and lovey dovey from inside, and having a good soundtrack doesn’t hurt either. 
I wanna learn how to dance like that, I want to the the queen of the Rosa Negra, I want to go to Cuba and fall in love! Thats why I like cheesy movies, because for at least 90 minutes I’m living my dreams through the scenes I see on the TV, I get to travel through time, and I get to fall head over heels in love (lame I know), but hey at least I dont get heartbroken ;p
And on top of everything Diego Luna is a cutie (hes not HOT) and his name in the movie is my favorite hispanic mens name, Javier.  For some odd reason I REALLY like the name Javier … JAVYYYYYYYYY!!!! heheh

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