10 days in the life of kuwaits shortest tour guide ;p

So the past 10 days were interesting to say the least.  My friend arrived last Thursday night, and I went to pick her up from the airport with my mother.  I think we waited for about an hour before my mom realized that we could get someone to meet her at the door, then my mom went and did the “hala
kuwait” thing, and within 15 minutes my friend was out of the door.  She said the line to get a visa entry to kuwait was SO long that she probably had another 1/2 hour to wait.
We got home at around 1 or something, me and her chilled a little then she went to bed.  The next day I took her out to lunch at a Lebanese restaurant, then I went and introduced her to my dad’s side of the family.  She saw the kids that I absoloutly adore.  At night I took her to a housewarming/birthday gathering that my friend was throwing, and we chilled there for a while.  Oh yes and I also took her to chocolate bar ;p
I don’t remember exactly what happened on Saturday, I took her to different places, but I did take her to Bayt Lothan.  Then on Sunday we went to
Bahrain for the day, we left at 7 AM and arrived in
Bahrain at 8 AM.  My friend picked us up from the airport and drove us around all over their small country.  Then we arrived back in
Kuwait at 5.  When we arrived in
Kuwait we waited about ½ an hour for the line to move for visa’s (since both her and my other friend are American citizens), and I saw the number was not changing.  At that point I was SO SO SO tiered all I wanted was to shower and I can see one of the guys at the counter looking at us and just smiling.  So I go up to him and ask him how long the wait is, and he tells us that it depends on our number.  Then I show him that I have a Kuwaiti passport, then he tells the guy next to him “Finish their paperwork now, there is a Kuwaiti with them”.  Of course I was relieved that we did not have to wait hours, but it pissed me off that I had to show him I was Kuwaiti for him to let our procedure go faster!!!
Anyways so back to
Kuwait again.  I took her to The Avenues, Marina Mall and Marina Crescent, Soog il Mbarikiya, Bait Dickson, Kuwait National Museum, Maki ;p, took her on a boat ride.  I also showed her gezz gulf street and 2nd ring road LOL.
Then on the one weekend she was here we took her to the shalaih.  And from there we took her to Kout and had dinner by the fountains.  Of course we swam in the beach, jet skiing and all that, and then at night we took her crab catching “itgamber”, actually 2 of the girls went  with her and the rest of us did not.  At night we swam in the pool, had the music blasting, it was such a great time. 
She just left, I am so sad, It was so much fun with her.  She said she had a great time and she loved
Kuwait, she said it was so chilled, laid back and relaxed.  So inshala she’ll come back soon.  Or maybe I’ll go visit them soon 😉


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