College memories

I was watching Stomp the Yard today and it brought back a bunch of college memories.  When I was a junior in college I decieded to join a sorority, to get the whole “american college experience” so I rushed, I got a bid, pledged and got initiated into Kappa Alpha Theta.  It was a white sorority so it had nothing to do with stomping or anything, but seriously the days I was in Theta were interesting.  Of course not only did we take part in home coming AND spring jam, the Greeks (frats and sororities) were the heart of both festivities.  We did cheer, dance, frisbee, football etc.  The home coming parade was my favorite and getting the house fronts ready.  I remember frantically working on the house front for home coming of 2004.  I dont want to say the whole sisterhood thing was bullshit, because my sorority sister is the one who came to visit from the states.  I still remember seeing stepping for the first time at the homecoming parade when the black frats were stepping. I was so into it I wanted to drop my sorority and join a black sorority lol.
I had a couple of african american friends who used to make SO much fun of black frats then all of a sudden a new one was brought into our campus and they were part of it.  There were three black frats at our campus, the Alphas, the Ques and the Kappas. 
Stomp the yard seriously reminded me of sitting on campus and seeing them stepping during random events our school held, and going to a black frat party and all you would see is one frat stepping then the other one joining in, then the black sororities would do the same.  They all had their own calls, for example just like in the movie Stomp the Yard the Thetas would hiss like snakes and the Mu’s would howl cuz they were the wolves, the Que’s would BARK and they would do it loud (and scary).  Aaah the good old days.  I’ll try to find pictures of the housefronts, which we used to make out of crepe paper on wiring and at first i though how the hell is this gonna turn out, but by the end it turned out AMAZING. 
Everyone used to make fun of me that I was in a sorority, but seriously I met some amazing people, even though I lost touch with some of them, they still made a difference in my life.  WHen I would walk into class I’d see a girl or a guy wearing greek letters sitting next to me, and it would be a conversation starter for example if it was a girl i’d be like “Oh your a DG? I’m a theta, we’re neighbors” bla bla bla then we start talking and thats how being in a sorority made our HUGE campus seem smaller (I know that sounds corny but it did)!!!


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