Thank you for smoking

Is avenues supposed to be a non smoking mall? 
The other day a couple of my friends and I went to lunch at the Avenues.  I think it was right before we started eating that my friend took out his cigarettes and wanted to light up, so I asked him not to because there were people behind us still eating, and there are kids at the table, so its not right for him to smoke.  He told me that its not his fault but its the fault of the reastaurant for seating these kids in the smoking section.  So I told him that no one specified the section we are sitting in, and its just out of courtesy and respect not to smoke, and not only for the people at the other table I was asking not to smoke next to me.  Well he did not listen to me, and neither did my other friend.  My other friend said that its the parents fault for taking the kids out.  I told her that when she doesn’t smoke and people around her smoke she will understand how I felt (and how the other girl at the table also felt). 

After my first semester in the US, I came back to q8 during xmas break. The first thing I saw when I got off the plane was a guy standing under the nonsmoking sign at the airport and smoking (and right next to him was the smoking room).  I was shocked, I had completly forgotten that people smoked every where in q8.

What really REALLY pisses me off is when I’m walking at one of the malls and I see little kids smoking.  WHAT THE HECK! this kid is probably still not a teenager and he has a cigarette in his hands!

A lot of cities in the US have banned smoking indoors and England will enforce its smoking ban on July 1st.   I think kuwait should enforce non-smoking indoors, theres nothing worse then trying to eat or shop and getting smoke in your eyes and nose.  Smokers are the ones that should respect the rights of the non smokers not the other way around, and since they CHOSE to smoke, they should deal with everything that comes their way (other than the illnesses), such as having to go to specific areas to smoke.


I’m the next BIG thing :p

The one thing that I probably never told the truth about and never will is my height.  My friends may guess what my height is, and even if they guess right, chances are I won’t tell them its right. 
I lied on my drivers license in the states, in place of height I put 5’0.  Then I got IDed before i went to a club
Bouncer: ID Please
Me: Okay here ya go 🙂
Bouncer is looking at the id and looking at me .. does this a couple of times
Bouncer: you’re not 5’0!! hahaha
Me: yes i am! how rude!

Its funny when I don’t see some people for a while, then I bump into them randomly and get “wow I forgot how tiny you are”
But then again I really dislike it when people who just met me and don’t even know me start calling me “shorty” or commenting about my height.  It doesn’t really offend me, it just bothers me …

I am not 5’0 …. I am … e7m .. okay this might be one of the first times i say my height ;p im 4’9 …. 150 cm .. meter oo no9 ya nas ;p

What is your fairy tale? (and other things)

Okay Dilly$ this might come as a shock to you, but I miss you ;p I was talking to Dilly the other day on MSN when he told me he had bought a ring.  He is going to propose to his girlfriend when they go to mexico on their trip *aaaw cuuuuuteeeee* ;p 
I asked him if she knew, he said that she kind of did but she is not sure it is going to happen.
Dilly: Should I propose as soon as I see her at the airport?
Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! You should take her out to a nice restaurant, with a nice view, preferably by the sea, and when the sun is setting and it gets so gorgeous outside get down on your kneees and propose!
Dilly: I was thinking of that ;p

Which way do you think is better our way (through the family oo lazim il om itdig 3ala omha) or him getting down on one knee (either infront of the whole restaurant or a lot of ppl or at a romantic spot) and proposing to you? 
I have been thinking of how I would like to be propsed (if that ever happened) and ya3ni my fairy tale would take place during fall.  I love the color of the leaves and the slight chill in the air.  There is a place called Minnehaha Falls and I fell in love with it.  I was dropping a girl off at around that area during fall one year and I wished that I could just leave there and it would be fall all year round.  Anyways back to my fairy tale.  We’d go out for a walk or something and in between all the red/orange/pink leaves he would propose. aaaaaaaaw.  Yes thats just a fairy tale, I don’t think I could handle all that romanticisim in real life.


On a completely different note I just decided that I am really bored with my look.  I need to grow my hair out.  I chopped a lot of it off in march and now I miss it.  The only reason I miss long hair is because I could curl it when ever I got bored of straightening it.  I could use a curling iron now but I don’t know how.  The last time i used one, my hair was not a pretty sight.  And anyways Kinder Eggs borrowed mine and she still didn’t return it.

On the other hand, my friend preggie (*Simply ME*) is returning my clothes and books! YAY!
A month and a half ago she came over and made me give her my shirt and my sweat pants (that i had on at that time), and now that shes entering her third month, she wont fit in them, so i get them back!!!! How lucky am I!!!

Stupid girls of the world … get a life

Weird number on my fone (to answer or not to answer) … My curiosity got the best of me ..
Me: Aloo
Me: ahlain? Who’s this?
Her: Its meeeeee, flana!
Me: Ah ahlain hala wala shloonich?  (thinking…since when are we friends and we call each other?)
Her: Wala tamam entay shloonich? Wainich?
Me: il7imdila bkhair, i am at work
Her: waaaih ish lich bil shighil!! dawreeeelich rayil tezawejay oo gi3day fil bait a7sanlich!
Me: chena al7een ib eedi ini algaly rayel, bas im not looking anyways oo ma a7ib ga3dat il bait, raytheeen 3ala ga3dat il bait wil malaaal
Her: waaih ma 3indich salfa! 3ad ana tawni rada min my honeymoon
Me: aha 7imdila 3asalama
Her: ee wala it was AMAAZING re7na wayed amakin, we went here and there oo blah blah balh
Me: i’ve already  been there
Her: La’aaa ghair ma3a raylich everything is so different
Me: Sij? ya3ni il shay ili ashoofa ma3a rab3y yitghayar itha shifta ma3a rayli?
Her: hehe la’aaaa bas ya3ni entay fahma qa9diiiii
Me: madry shino ga3da itgooleeen
Her: entay masghoooola? adiglich ba3dain?? wella agoolich shino lets go out for coffeee bacher
Me: Ma agdar bacher, I have plans.
Her: 3aaadi kishtaaay 7abeebti min ziman mo shayfitich!
Me: I might be busy for the next three months, so when I have a minute i’ll call you shrayich?
Her: wai shfeeech galabtay chirpo, la tinsain e7na rabi3 ha?!
Me: yeah aha sure, my boss is calling, ciaooooo!

What’s next???

Its 2007, women in kuwait can vote, run for parliament, are reaching high positions and they have become ministers, but for some crazy reason the parliament thinks its necessary to set up the working hours rule.
What is really stupid about that rule is it excludes a lot of jobs from that law (such as doctors, nurses, etc.)
Ya3ni sij I don’t understand where they are trying to go with this rule?! If anyone has any idea plz let me know, because everything they are saying is not making sense in my head!
My mother and I went to the “e3te9am” yesterday in the Womens Society in khaldiya, and the amount of people that came was great, and it wasn’t only women, there were a lot of men there.
I just hope that they revoke this stupid rule, along with the segregation rule in universities. 

Its official .. I am at war with my own feet

For as long as I could remember, or well in truth ever since i stoped growing I thought my feet were size 36, so all shoes i bought were size 36.  most of my shoes were either tennis shoes or flats.  When I started buying heels, nice closed ones, I realized that I am not size 36 but I am size 35, and what is more annoying is that in a lot of places its hard to find 35.
Anyways I didn’t want to waste my shoes (which i rarely wear cuz they just fly off my feet) I went and bought those stickey “party” feet things that are supposed to help you keep your shoes on.  Well they worked perfectly fine last night at home. 
I wore the shoes this morning to work, AND THEY DONT WORK! I think i’m cursed with bad shoe luck or something ;p
I wish we could tailor shoes like we tailor clothes ;p
It looks like I have to give up my shoes to my mother for goood … but before i do, does anyone have ANY other way I could fix this problem?

Did i magically gain weight? Or are your clothes just bad?

Before Zara opened in Kuwait, we used to shop there in spain, it was our one stop shop for my brother and I’s wardrobe.  I used to be in love with Zara, and when it first opened in kuwait holy crap was I happy.  As the years went on Zara was everywhere, and as it keeps on growing the quality of its clothes keeps on deteriorating.
Although I like their clothes, they have a lot of cute things, their material is HORRIBLE, they need a petites section ( i cut off half the pants leg when i alter them!) and their clothes get ruined quick.
I got a pair of work pants from Zara when i first came back to kuwait.  I had bought a bunch from the US but i was missing brown pants, so where else would i go other than zara???
I wore them to work one day and lets say it wasn’t a pleasant day.   I got to work i sit down and the button flys off my pants, great perfect!  Thank god my co-worker knows how to sew and luckily had a sewing kit with her so she sewed it back on.
The day goes on, theres about an hour and a half left of work, and i feel something wrong.  I go to check, and my pants had ripped in a very annoying area.  I was so embarrassed, i told my boss i was going home, but she didn’t let me, she said it didn’t show.
Just to make things clear, my pants were not tight at all, i had bought them a size bigger for some reason.
And the whole pants ripping thing happened to my friend too!
I’ve had a lot of bad experiences recently with zara but that was the highlight of all my embarrassing moments.

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