Been so long

God I feel like it has been forever since I last posted.  I started my new job last sunday.  I was so nervous the first day, it felt like the first day of school.  Anyways for the whole first week I did almost nothing, just sat infront of my computer and stared at different procedures and read many many many manual pages.  Today was the first day they assigned a task to me, when my manager told me he was going to give me a task I heard the angels sing (kidding), but seriously I started working at around 10, and all of a sudden it was already 2!!! But then from 2-3:30 I just stared at my computer screen again.  The floor I work on is SO quiet that I feel embarrased to talk on the phone, because then everyone will know what I am saying.  But I cant complain about my new job, I really like it its not bad at all.  The people are nice and the place is nice too.

Anyways on to the next subject I was invited to an Armenian wedding on thursday, and I pulled one of my friends along with me to both the Church ceremony and the wedding party.  The church ceremony was very interesting, it is not like the way we see in movies, maybe cuz they were Armenian.  Anyways the bride and groom came in about an hour and a half late.  But she looked so amazing.  Although I did not understand ANYTHING, seeing them together up there gave me goosebumps. 
My mom has been traveling for a couple days now, which basically means that our driver has been doing NOTHING AT ALL, I rarely ever send him anywhere, and since mama has been gone, he hasn’t been there to even clean my car before I go to work.  I didn’t really complain, until thursday night.  I called him in the morning to tell him to be ready at 8 because he is going to take us to the wedding.  So when we finished from the church ceremony I told him to head to the hotel, then he starts to complain “who goes to a wedding at 11” omg his comment pissed the HELL out of me.  He has been doing jack shit for 4 days, I informed him from the morning I was going to a wedding, so he had the WHOLE day to SLEEP! Then what pisses me off even more is that I tell him to go somewhere he goes somewhere else and I try to correct him he gets all huffy puffy diva style on me.  LAA SHYABEE! It would have taken us 20 minutes to get there it took us an hour!! Then I told him to come back at 2, he nearly had a heart attack on me.  I nearly took the car keys from him and told him to figure out a way to go home cuz i’m gonna drive, but I didnt wanna drive at 2 AM in kuwait in a formal dress.  So i told him to go home and I will figure a way to get back home, which I did.  I am still pissed off at him!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yoshi
    Jun 14, 2007 @ 08:37:38

    awal shay mabrook ur new JOB
    thani shay about ur driver BIL KA3AB 3ala rasa oooo and if it was a JIMMY or a BLAHNIK ohhhhh that would hurt even more and then stop in the middle of the road and throw him out ….. or u know whats meaner u should of made him wait for u at the wedding ma ired il bait till ur done 😉


  2. boredq80
    Jun 18, 2007 @ 13:34:11

    Thanks yoshi 🙂
    hehehe even though some ppl say I’m mean, i would have felt guilty about making him wait.


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