Boys will be boys

During the middle of spring semester my brother told my mom that he wouldnt be coming in the begining of summer back to q8 from the US, but after he finished his summer course.  Almost a month and a half before the summer course is ending, still no word from my brother about when he wants the ticket to be booked.  So I was talking to my mom when she arrived from her trip about my bro’s plane ticket, how she has to book it soon or it will get really expensive, she was surprised ;p Anways so she calls my brother (Dawn and the rest of saturday), no answer and she sends him a couple of msgs still no answer, this is a usual occurance with my brother so still no worry.
I get an email this morning from Tooomz saying that plane tickets will rise 35%-75% soon so I call my mother and tell her to ask my bro soon because this is the deal.  So of course she calls him and msgs him and still NOTHING at all, (this was sunday morning).  So as the day progresses she still has not heard anything from him, and everytime she called him his voicemail would be full so she wouldn’t be able to leave a voicemail, which kind of worried her.  She kept on calling me asking me to call my friends in the states (the same state my bro was in) to call him and see where he is.  I called one of my american friends and he said he would try to call my bro and see what is up with him, and I called my kuwaiti friend  “R” who studied in the same state we were in, I asked her to call my bro OR one of my old friends who i no longer want to talk to and see if she was with my brother.  My friend “R” sent me a txt msg saying that mybro lost his fone but he found it  and now he is sleeping.  So I called my mom and told her, but she wasn’t satisfied, she made me call the other girl and ask her, and i really REALLY didn’t want to I cant stand her, and talking to her I wanted to slit my arms.  Her voice is really annoying and shes so fake and its … just plain annoying.  Imagine those airheaded blonds TIMES 10 … and she is not even blond!  (I have no idea why I was friends with her)  Anyways annoying non blond blond wannabe tells me the same story.  Now my mom is angry at my brother and is not answering his phone calls, and to top it off he is not coming this summer, which tottaly ruined my mothers summer plan ;p
Anyways this gets me to my point, which is my mother should bring my brother back to kuwait to finish off at AUK instead of wasting so much money on him in the states.  He’s taking everything as a joke!!!  I admit i’m hatin just because before i went to the states, I was somewhere else (which I completly hated), and I really wanted to go to the US, so my mother told me, if you want to go to the US get a scholarship.  So I went to the Ministry of Higher Education with one of myfriend, summer of 2003 and we did all our paper work, my mom didn’t come hold my hand through any of their stupid procedures, while my brother got mama-ship (not scholarship) served to him on a silver platter.
When I complained to my aunt about this, how this is hindering my chance of going for my masters she said “The guy is awla (dunno this word in english) to get an education, your masters can wait, but your brother needs his bachelors, he is the one that is going to spend on his family”
Okay I understand where my aunt is coming from, but if I am doing well and I can continue laish i stop everything because the KING wants to study in the US and hes not even getting excellent grades! If i had gotten his grades not only my scholarship would have taken away (Merit) my mom would have killed me (SHINO YA3NI YOU HAVE A B)

UUUUGHHHH I am so frustrated.  I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, work is going okay, but I just feel BLAH, and this was the icing on the cake.

talking about icing on the cake, i would KILL for a killer vanilla cupcake yuuummmmm


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  1. Narrator
    Jun 18, 2007 @ 06:06:42

    most Moms focus on and push their sons to be the best graduates coz that’s how it goes in our society: the son gets the certificate and the girl gets the best husband. It’s weird so many guys I know go through at least one personality change while studying abroad…but their cases are much worse than your brother so thank God 🙂 it could’ve been worse


  2. Prophet of Random
    Jun 18, 2007 @ 11:16:19

    Welcome to the ultimate society of double standards! I’ve been living with this crap (and worse) my entire life. This is the way to go about it: Get a scholarship for you master’s too. Master’s are hella expensive (it would suck to make your mom pay). And when you’re done chances are, you’re mom will send your bro to do his masters 3ala 7sabha.
    The benefit? You don’t owe your mother anything, and you know it. This is the perfect ammo to use against her when you need it. You’re mom is going to feel hella guilty when you ask for a porsche and she says ‘no’ and you say ‘WTF, you never even paid for my education, when all the while you give my bro whatever he wants. Why do you love my brother more than me? All I’m asking for is this one thing. ” *sob**sob*
    Next thing you know, new porsche! Yaaay!

    A seriously fucked-up middle child


  3. Prophet of Random
    Jun 18, 2007 @ 11:20:35

    Oh yeah, and I think I know what your bro has been up to, thanks to facebook. Call me if you wanna know.

    I feel like a sleazy private investigator! How fun!


  4. snookie
    Jun 18, 2007 @ 15:34:21

    hilarious story! 😀 i like the way you tell it..

    sij tha7akteeni these few minutes 😛 just sayin ‘ello!

    i got mama-ship at MHE my first and second try.. (didnt get it).. then for the third try i did it all by myself and got it il7amdilla..

    i7na equal opportunity bs my older sis shwaya non-blonde blonde (i love your names.. lol) fa my parents do their best.. lol


  5. Jacqui
    Jun 18, 2007 @ 20:03:22

    Older kids get to be stuck with “earning their way” into the world while the younger ones get it handed on a silver platter with a gold spoon. Believe me hehe I know what you’re feeling!


  6. Yoshi
    Jun 19, 2007 @ 05:57:46

    allah i3eenich …..


  7. boredq80
    Jun 19, 2007 @ 11:40:56

    narrator – tell me about it! its so annoying when i tell aunts i wanna continue my education and their response is “ishtabeen bil derasa, yala iftakay oo tizawejay”

    Prophet of random – facebook is ze devil!!

    snookie – thanks 😉 and ‘ello ;p

    Jacqui – aaah older siblings on the same boat haha


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