Another “Maid” story

111120061901.jpgMy cat is cute! Anyways thats a pic of her when she was a baby, back in november. 

Anyways since both my mother and I both work long hours we rarely are at home, so our maid treats the cat like its her lil daughter.  Talking to her ask shes cleaning the house etc etc.
Anywhooooo, a couple of weeks ago my mothers friends were over, and when I came home my mother asked me if her friend can take my cat … now imagine having the eyes of 5 kuwaiti women on you waiting for your response, and the lady that wants to take the cat is sitting right there.
I give my mother the “LOOK” and I stay quiet, then her friend asks me the same question, what can I SAY! I try to say no at first but then its mama’s turn to give me the look.  So I huff and puff and mumble “okay fiiine” and I go to my room.
(This is my mother telling me what took place next)
My mom calls the maid and tells her to get the cat carrier
Mama “Raji yibaay il salah malat mashmoosha”
Raji: ” Okay madam..laish wain wadee lucy” (notice she calls her a different name)
Mama: “Mashmoosha roo7 bait mama F”
Raji: “SHOOONOOOOO!!!!!!! LA MAMA LAAA MAMA, MAYSEEER CHITHI! Lucy roooo7 ana khalas roo7 mabi”

Mashmooosha stayed in her rightful home, and she actually was “angry” at my mom.  When she would usually follow my mother around and sit on her lap and everything, but for a whole week she wouldnt even come close to my mom. 


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tooomz
    Jun 18, 2007 @ 14:58:54

    This is my favorite maid/cat story to date that you’ve told me hehehe! Everytime I remember it I can’t help cracking up. Can’t believe she would’ve left you guys if you got rid of the cat when she keeps giving it food it’s not allowed to have! 😛

    Are you happy now? I finally commented 😉


  2. snookie
    Jun 18, 2007 @ 15:27:24

    ahaha!! thats hilarious.. 😀


  3. intlxpatr
    Jun 18, 2007 @ 15:29:01

    Your cat is gorgeous! I am so glad she gets to stay with you, and with the maid, where she is so well taken care of.


  4. Peony
    Jun 18, 2007 @ 16:16:26

    looooooool !! that was the cutest story ever !! LooL


  5. Jacqui
    Jun 18, 2007 @ 19:18:19

    I want a cat but my mom is against them, hell I want any type of pet, except fish and turtles I am bored to death with those but I guess my long work hours would be hell towards a cat :s


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