Min Yamen Lehum Majnoon .. The story of a broken heart

It has been almost five months since Bader broke up with Sara.  The first month of their breakup was extremly hard on her, she had known Bader for almost 10 years,  their relationship grew from friendship and she thought the future was set. 

The relationship had its ups and downs, like everything in life, but Sara and Bader stayed together no matter what.  As the relationship progressed she started questioning Bader about what his intentions were
Sara: Badoori madam ana khalas takharajt oo enta 9arlik cham sina tishtighil don’t you think ena its time we progress the relationship?
Bader: Inshala 7abeebti bas the time isn’t right, tara il zawaj is a big decision, oo kil shay inshala ib wagta, latkhafeen

After a couple of months of these questions Sara felt Bader drifting away and changing towards her.  It was normal for him to go days with out asking about her, and if she asked him what is wrong he’ll say that he was busy at work he was very stressed out etc etc etc.  She knew that wasn’t the problem, but she was too scared to see the truth.

She bottled up her emotions and pretended nothing was wrong, she stopped asking him when he is going to  tell his family, and when they are going to go to the next level.  Then one day she couldn’t hold it any longer, it killed her when the days passed and she didn’t hear from him.  Their anniversary came up, and after a lot of begging and pleading he finally met up with her…
Sara: enta shfeek mitghayer? your not the same anymore! i miss the old you
Bader: 7abeebti ma feeni shay, bas il dawam thabi7ni, it3arfeen ba3ad how it is
Sara: akeed a3arif! tara enta mo il wa7eed ili he works bil q8, oo a msg takes 1 second bas at least 3ashan a7is inik you still think of me! Anyways Happy Anniversary, i got these for you .. inshala ya3jiboonik.
bader: 7abeebti entay 7ada ma kan la da3y, tara intay khoosh bint oo malyoon min yitmanach, oo tin7abain oo 7abooba oo your amazing oo your tooo good for me wala.
sara: wat are you saying, shino too good for you min sijjik inta? awal mara asma3 hal kalam minik .. fa ya3ni badooor it7ibny??
bader: 7abeebti thank you for the things i loved them.

He still didn’t answer her question, but sara thought everything was on the right track after what he told her.   She brought up this subject to her friends,
Sara: madry shfee bader mitghayer 3alay ya nas, kil yoom i6oof a7is his love is fading, bas thak ilyoom gali kalam i dont know how to read it (she tells them what he said)
May: Shtabeen fee swair, tara entay sa7 your too good for him! laish im7ab6a nafsich chithi you deserve wayed a7san!
Dalal: You want to hear ana shino I think, well mo shino I think, tara 7abeebti ma aby athayeg khulgich bas i think he is trying to break up with you.
Sara:  entay 7almana! what is wrong with you dalool! shino break up with me, ma sima3tay wat i just said! whatever you guys don’t see what I see

Sara went home pissed off at the way her friends were so pessimistic “La shino break up with me, thats impossible!!!”
After two days of not hearing anything from Bader sara msgs him, “badoor tara 7aram 3alaik ili ga3id itsawee feeni, madry what your trying to prove, bas wala day by day im hurting even more, tell me what is wrong with you, why are we not working right on this relationship!”
An hour later Bader replies “This relationship is not working, mala da3y we put an effort in it”
Sara was shocked, she was sure that wasn’t right, it must be a dream.  Its over? And through a txt msg!  After the shock faded by a little, she called him, the coldness of his voice killed her,
Bader: Bas khalas this relationship is going no where, ana ma aby atzawaj al7een, maybe in the next three or four years, fa mala da3y agi9 3alaich oo a3algich.
Sara: Bas you told me otherwise! badoor shloon chithi taghayart ib yoom oo laila!
Bader: I don’t want to talk about it, yala take care … bye

she closed the phone as the tears streamed down her face, she didn’t know what to do, all her dreams, her future dreams were shattered. 

Later in the day she saw May and Dalal, and she told them that it was over
Sara: you guys its over, he ended it today, and dalool don’t say i told you so liana MO WAGTA! you guys im dying im dying!
May:  don’t worry babe you’ll get over it, and we’ll always be here for you.

As the month went on her friends stayed true to their word and they were there for her no matter wat was going on.  At the same time Sara still had expectations that he would come back to her, everytime she got a msg or her phone rang her heart beat faster hoping it was him,and each time was a disappointment.  She tried so hard not to msg him, but she broke a couple of times and called him crying.
Then it was new years, and she decieded to make a new years resolution, to never ever think of Bader, to never call him to practically erase him and any memories of him from her life. 
Sara did wat she was able to, and she thought she was at least 90% over him, then the phone call came
sara: heeeeeey babe shlooonich? min ziman 3anich!!!
Fajer: hey babe, i have something to tell you, tara bader kha6ab
sara: ………what?? mino? mita? are you sure?!?
fajer: kha6ab Dalia i think you know her, shes my friend
sara: aaah allah iwafeghum inshala .. thanks for letting me know .. see you soon.

Sara was in shock, this was the same guy who just a couple of months ago told her he is not going to get married anytime soon, and now he is engaged! 
She wanted to throw something, to break something, maybe his head? Then she took a couple of long deep breaths, closed her eyes and ta3awithat min iblees. 
“Yala hatha ili allah katba, allah iwafighum and I hope he is making the right decision”

this is the first and probably last story i attempt to write, if it is written horribly, excuse me ;p 


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. *-fwai7-*
    Jun 20, 2007 @ 15:21:29

    INDIMAJT plz continue :(:(:(


  2. Yoshi
    Jun 20, 2007 @ 15:56:44

    nicely written but i think this happens every day in kuwait


  3. shoosha
    Jun 20, 2007 @ 16:02:35

    7addich continue!!!! tara i’ve heard alot of stories chithy, e7ibha malyoon sinna oo 7alat-hum 7alla oo laman teyey il 9ijeeya he backs off oo erooo7 egool 7ag omma ta56ebla wa7da 3ala thoq-ha, forgetting about that girl that spent years with him (moo ga3da a3amem) … baas 10 years with her!! thats alot!!


  4. boredq80
    Jun 20, 2007 @ 20:21:20

    Fwai7 and shoosha – inshala i will continue 🙂

    Yoshi – this happens every second in kuwait lil asaf! or maybe not lil asaf ….


  5. Yoshi
    Jun 20, 2007 @ 23:58:19

    Well love is a hard bussniess boys get hurt and girlz do too … So why fall in love just get married and then do … Trust me


  6. Dilly$
    Jun 22, 2007 @ 17:35:08

    My phonetic arabic is weak, but it was interesting to see your writing.. interesting


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  8. N.
    Sep 11, 2007 @ 09:15:13

    Good! Since I know there is a part 2, I’m lookin forward to it, will read it now!


  9. yoseph
    Dec 16, 2007 @ 08:24:41

    no comment


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