Watch where your sitting!

I love retelling this story, no matter how many times I have said it, it still cracks me up.  This happened a while ago, maybe 5 or 6 years ago, if not a little more.  I was still in high school, my brother still used to run track and we were still one happy family.  Anyways it was ramadan and it was an hour or two after fu6oor.  My parents were in the living room watching TV, I was getting ready to go somewhere and my brother had just come back from track practice. 
My bro runs up the stairs and stands infront of the couch, his back to the couch and the wall, looking at whats on TV and saying something to my father.  I was standing at the top of the stairs listening to what is going on.  All of a sudden my brother throws himself on the couch ….. right on top of my sleeping mother.
You must be wondering “how the heck did he not see her”
Well my mother is tiny, kind of like me, and she was wrapped in a blanket so it did not show that there was a human there, and the blanket kind of matched the color of the couch, and my brother does not look before he does anything. 
My brother hears a muffled *umph* noise coming from the couch, he jumps up and from shock he jumps across the coffee table, turns around and stares at the couch in total confusion.
All of a sudden my mother comes up from under the blankets, half asleep, confused and angry.
mama: matshooof inta wain ibtig3ad!! kasaaart ithlooooo3i!
bro: haa? shino? sh9ar! *looks at my dad* shloon 6la3t?!

My brother is looking at my dad then my mom wondering what in gods name is going on.  I’m still standing at the top of the stairs trying hard not to laugh, I was too scared to laugh just yet, I was waiting for someone to break the tension, then my father started to laugh, so I just burst out giggling.
I don’t know how funny this story sounds when you read it, but it was hilarious when it happened.
Oh I forgot to add that my brother is all skin and bones, so it must of hurt when he jumped on her LOL


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. macaholiq8
    Jun 21, 2007 @ 07:44:34

    Hehe, hilarious! Poor mom.


  2. *Simply ME*
    Jun 23, 2007 @ 06:42:06


    Can totally imagine your skinny Bro hehehehe


  3. Tooomz
    Jun 25, 2007 @ 07:23:11

    This story made my friends laugh 😛


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