What is your fairy tale? (and other things)

Okay Dilly$ this might come as a shock to you, but I miss you ;p I was talking to Dilly the other day on MSN when he told me he had bought a ring.  He is going to propose to his girlfriend when they go to mexico on their trip *aaaw cuuuuuteeeee* ;p 
I asked him if she knew, he said that she kind of did but she is not sure it is going to happen.
Dilly: Should I propose as soon as I see her at the airport?
Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! You should take her out to a nice restaurant, with a nice view, preferably by the sea, and when the sun is setting and it gets so gorgeous outside get down on your kneees and propose!
Dilly: I was thinking of that ;p

Which way do you think is better our way (through the family oo lazim il om itdig 3ala omha) or him getting down on one knee (either infront of the whole restaurant or a lot of ppl or at a romantic spot) and proposing to you? 
I have been thinking of how I would like to be propsed (if that ever happened) and ya3ni my fairy tale would take place during fall.  I love the color of the leaves and the slight chill in the air.  There is a place called Minnehaha Falls and I fell in love with it.  I was dropping a girl off at around that area during fall one year and I wished that I could just leave there and it would be fall all year round.  Anyways back to my fairy tale.  We’d go out for a walk or something and in between all the red/orange/pink leaves he would propose. aaaaaaaaw.  Yes thats just a fairy tale, I don’t think I could handle all that romanticisim in real life.


On a completely different note I just decided that I am really bored with my look.  I need to grow my hair out.  I chopped a lot of it off in march and now I miss it.  The only reason I miss long hair is because I could curl it when ever I got bored of straightening it.  I could use a curling iron now but I don’t know how.  The last time i used one, my hair was not a pretty sight.  And anyways Kinder Eggs borrowed mine and she still didn’t return it.

On the other hand, my friend preggie (*Simply ME*) is returning my clothes and books! YAY!
A month and a half ago she came over and made me give her my shirt and my sweat pants (that i had on at that time), and now that shes entering her third month, she wont fit in them, so i get them back!!!! How lucky am I!!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dilly$
    Jun 27, 2007 @ 13:41:54

    I miss you too ma’am. I like your idea alot, especially the part about the fall and the leaves.. that won’t work out for me timewise though hehe. I also don’t think you could handle all the romanticism though 😛


  2. Mirim Flamingo
    Jul 03, 2007 @ 19:54:55

    la7tha la7tha, fe mokan isma Minnehaha? la seriously im not joking, MinneHAHA?


  3. boredq80
    Jul 04, 2007 @ 05:40:59

    LOL Mirim, eee fee mokan isima MinneHAHA, it means laughing river or something. 😛 look it up


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