Ring Ring .. Hello?

My friend *Simply ME* or preggie as i call her now always annoys me when she calls me by not giving me a chance to answer the questions she asked, she puts this act up for a couple of minutes before cracking up laughing at my annoyance.  It really does piss me off when girls do that because it seems like they do not want to talk to you!! So I get a phone call on saturday and this is what happened

Me: Aloooo
S: Hi.Shloonich. Shakhbarich.Inshala ibkhair? Shil denya feech? wainich ma itbayneen?
Me: Wala aa…
S: Zain i7imdila. Shloon omich? Sima3tay 3an il 3irs? Bitroo7een il 3rs?
Me: Yiii
S: Ana mani ray7a .. inzain ma gelteeeli 3a6ookum be6ayeq?
Me: **grunt**
S: Tadreeen laish mani ray7a, takhayilay ina il bint ehya rifeejti oo ma dagat i3zimatni khalat omha ta3zimni.
Me: aha
S: Shino itsaween law kintay ib mawqify?
Me: (wow she might let me speak a whole sentance?!) Ib kil 9ara7a a9lan, zain min omha enha dagat i3zimtich, al7een 3rs il bint oo tabeenha tifthalich min sijjich, yala 3ad bala dala3 oo 9eeray mara oo roo7ay 3rs rifeejtich! Loo ana ib mokanich aroo7 il 3rs! Bas liana ma a3arif il bint oo 7adi ta3bana i3tithart 7ag omha ams.
S: Mani ray7a bas khalas
Me: okay * thinking shasaweelich??*
S: okay khalas, digay kha khanshoofich yala bye

Anyways not only does she not let me speak in the first half of the conversation, she has not called me in about hmmm 3-4 months, oo she has not talked to me normally since december when iz3alat 3alay 3ala shay SAKHEEEF that I tried to explain to her bas ya3ni she wouldnt let me.  So I gave up.
Doesn’t it annoy the heck out of you when people do that?! THen why call if you don’t want to hear anything? OR don’t pretend you care about how I am doing!!!


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