What do you do with people?

What a relaxing weekend. 

Spent it doing almost nothing with my mom or close friends.  Couldnt get a ny better.

Anywhoooooooo.  I try not to get people get to me, I shrug it off and continue with my life, but there is just one person in life that pisses me off so much, and the bigger issue is, i used to consider her to be one of my close friends, but day by day she is just showing me how much she takes me for granted.

Senario 1:
I’m at work/with my family/busy somewhere.  She calls me NON STOP, “Do you want to do something?” “When are you going to finish” “DO you want to pass by here?” etc etc.  I tell her yeah sure give me a couple of hours I’ll be done with whatever I have and I will call you and figure it all out.
So I finish with whatever I was doing, I call her, no response.  She doesn’t call me back or txt me to tell me that shes busy or she can’t make it. 

Senario 2:

Her : Lets go out
Me: Okay where do you want to go
Her: I don’t care any where fun
Me: ya3ni what do you want to do exactly? Do you want to shop/have coffee/have dinner? chill somewhere?
Her: I don’t know
Me: do you wanna go (insert name of place)
Her: EEW no
ME: okay how about (insert name of place)
Her: no way
Me: hmmm okay how about (random weird activity(
Her: No, god this country sucks its so boring
Me: Shtabeeen ya3ni asaweelich ayeeeblich beyonce targi9lich! stop complaining its boring and agree to do something!

Senario 3 (My mom is not traveling)
Me: Hey do you want to have movie night, so and so are coming over to watch a movie and chill
Her: yeah sure, i’ll be over in 1/2 hour
2 hours later i call
Me: did you get lost?
Her: oh sorry I took a nap, I don’t think I can come.

Scenario 4 (mom is traveling)
Her: YO where you at
Me: at flanas house/out w. friends/seeing my dad etc.
Her: i’m coming over
Me: i am not home yet
Her: when you goin home
Me: I dunno i’ll call you later
and she ends up calling me every hour on the hour.

Scenario 5
Me: do you want to go out
Her: Sure
Me: 7aaaaaaaaaaaaady i’m craving this ma63am
Her: NOOO lets go to this place so i can smoke
Me: are u serious
Her: yeah man i need a smoke so bad, lets go somewhere empty so we can chill and i can smoke
Me: yalla 3ad plz 7adi i want to go here
Her: i dunno, i’m not in the moood to go out.

What always gets to me is she is always complaining, no matter what we are doing, NOTHING makes her happy, and it gets on my nerves SO much.
I’ve told her on many occaisons NOT to make plans with me if she is going to ditch me, and if she does end up doing something else, don’t ignore my fone call! txt me or tellme your busy, 3ashan i make other plans.

I don’t know what to do, its been getting on my nerves lately, esp how we have to base our whole outting on her smoking habit. 


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yoshi
    Jul 08, 2007 @ 06:05:13

    DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH HER …….laish it3wareen rasich


  2. Prophet
    Jul 08, 2007 @ 08:58:39

    Yeah, ditch her. Stop picking up her phone calls, you know that they’re just going to annoy you. And don’t call her. And when she istaw3abs that you’re ditching her and brings it up tell her that she has to change or you aren’t gonna chill together.

    The ultimatem=The best weapon.

    I HATE people that say thy’re going to do something and then ditch at the last minute.


  3. boredq80
    Jul 08, 2007 @ 09:09:05

    Yeah thats my plan, ignore her calls, not make plans with her etc. And see how that goes.


  4. Princess
    Jul 08, 2007 @ 09:47:00

    yeah i too tend to prefer to go to places where i can smoke but i dnt dictate my habit to my friends, ya3ni i see where they all seem to want to go and then we go, i hate people who ditch last minute!!! ana agool 7igreeha, she’ll get the message!


  5. dishevelled
    Jul 10, 2007 @ 03:12:23

    One of my friends is kinda like that – she doesn’t ditch as much, bs nafs il 7ana calling every 5 minutes if I don’t answer or if she’s free while I’m not, oo nafs il indecisivness and pickyness, etc,

    I attempted to ignore her, bs I kept feeling guilty, so it didn’t work with me :/ I mean she’s nice, bs sometimes too much to handle. So I did something else. She knows my sleeping habits and knows that my phone wouldn’t be on silent. Yet, she still calls when she KNOWS I’m sleeping, I used to not answer, and call her later. Instead of doing that I picked up the phone all sleepy, but still was nice to her. A few days later she’d call at “decent” hours and call once until I call back 😛 Basically it worked without me feeling guilty 😛


  6. Mirim Flamingo
    Jul 11, 2007 @ 10:18:25

    god i hope i dont know this person


  7. Reemee
    Jul 17, 2007 @ 01:43:30

    hey there, really luvd ur blog. awal mara agrah.

    hmm 3an ur frnd, i think nafs il bint ily tgulen 3anha is my friend ;p she does exactly the same, oo nafs il shay exactly, same 7ana, same excuses, same “aby i go mukan 7ag smoke”……etc

    anyways, il 7al ! il 7al uhwa inich ta7gereeenha, o ya3ny kil ma tgulich yala wainich , mita tkhalseen, shga3da
    tsawen -(asks u Qs chinha raylich/she owns u/tkhaleeech feel guilty lana intay mu weyaha or mash`3oola 3anha)- goleelaha LA MAGDAR, or sheeleeh goleelaha busy i’ll call u back, then ihya ra7 t7is ina what she’s doin is wrong..

    feedback yadety : tgol ina hal 7arakat lana she has sumthin called NARJISIYYA, ya3ny aham shay nafs`ha, o ihy tstanis o bil 6agag bajy il nas, oo ina she thinks ina the whole world revolves around her ..

    sorry for my long comment, o golely she9er or shsawaiaty? =)


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